Diane Morgan

Departments and Positions:
English/Communications, Adjunct Asst. Professor of English

Diane Morgan received her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Maine and her M.A. in English from the University of Maryland. She teaches courses in philosophy, religion, and literature. She has published over 40 books to date, ranging from pet care to Buddhism and magical studies. She is an award winning playwright and poet, but prefers writing non-fiction. She has won the Maxwell Award for her dog-writing three times, and her Charmed Garden was named one of the best gardening books of the year by the London Sunday Telegraph. She is also the author of Fire and Blood: Rubies in Myth, Magic, and History (Praeger, 2007), From Satan's Crown to the Holy Grail: Emeralds in Myth, Magic, and History (Praeger, 2007), and The Buddhist Experience in America (Greenwood, 2004).