Course Proposal and Change Information

Submit A Request For Curriculum Change

  1. Check deadlines (see calendar below) established by the curriculum committee for timely submission of proposals.
  2. Select the appropriate form below.  Fill out form, completely providing all required information and deleting any unnecessary information. (Example: delete any TDS categories that are not applicable to your specific proposal.) 
  3. Proposed new majors must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty prior to consideration by the Division.
  4. Approval by the Dean of the Faculty for any additional resources (e. g., travel abroad, field trips, library holdings, adjunct or overload salary, software, etc.) needed to offer a course is required.  Failure to do so will delay the consideration of any proposal by the Curriculum Committee.
  5. If the proposal includes a course being given an Honors designation, approval by the Director of the Wilson Scholars Program must be obtained prior to consideration of the proposal by the Curriculum Committee.
  6. Submit form(s) to department members for feedback, review, and approval.
  7. With approval from department, submit proposal electronically to division head at least one week prior to the scheduled division meeting for inclusion in the agenda at the division meeting.
  8. Division meeting feedback, review, and possible division approval.
  9. With division approval, division head will forward an electronic copy of proposal to the curriculum committee chair for inclusion in the agenda of a future curriculum committee meeting.
  10. Curriculum committee will evaluate, review, possibly request more information or suggest changes, and then decide whether or not to approve the proposal.
  11. Division representative or chair of curriculum committee will report back to person who wrote the proposal the outcome/decision made by curriculum committee.
  12. If approved by curriculum committee, electronic copy of proposal will be forwarded by the Chair of the Curriculum Committee to the faculty secretary for inclusion in the agenda of the next faculty meeting.
  13. Topics proposals approved by the Curriculum Committee are sent to the faculty for information only and added to the appropriate semester's course roster.  All other proposals approved by the Curriculum Committee are sent to the faculty for discussion and vote.

Calendar for Submitting Curriculum Proposals

If a proposed change is to be effective It must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee by
Next Summer or Fall term February 1
Next January or Spring term September 15

Relevant Contacts for Curricular Matters

Position Name Phone extension
Dean of the Faculty Mary Hendrickson
Curriculum Committee Humanities Division
Representative and Director, Wilson
Scholars Program
John Elia 3114
Curriculum Committee, Chair and Science
Division Representative
Tammy Ege
Curriculum Committee, Chair and Social Science Division Representative Lynn Newman 3398
Associate Dean of Advising Deb Austin 3284
Registrar Jean Hoover 3355
Head, Humanities Division Phillip Lindsey 3305
Head, Science Division Dana Harriger 3275
Head, Social Science Division and Associate
Dean of Curriculum
Carl Larson 3310

If you have any questions concerning proposing curriculum changes, please consult with the Assistant Dean of Curriculum or the Chair of the Curriculum Committee.