Academic Affairs


Contact: 717-262-2018
Elissa Heil x3222 Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
Elizabeth Anderson x5111 Associate Dean for
Institutional Research and Academic Assessment
Deborah Austin x3284 Associate Dean of Academic Advising and Professor of Chemistry
Dana Harriger x3275 Assistant Dean and
Professor of Biology
Larry Shillock x3397 Assistant Dean and
Professor of English
Roxanne Henry x3246 Faculty Assistant to the Liberal Arts and Sciences
Rochelle Plummer x3221 Assistant to the Dean
Angella Dagenhart
x3203 Faculty Assistant to the Liberal Arts and Sciences


John Elia x3114 Head of Humanities Division,
Associate Professor of Philosophy
English & Communications
Michael Cornelius x3308 Chair of English & Communications Department, Assistant Professor of English
Laura Biesecker x3318 ESL Instructor
Jonathan (JZ) Long x3320 Assistant Professor of Communications
Larry Shillock x3397 Professor of English
Lisa Woolley x3166 Professor of English
Fine Arts & Dance
Robert Dickson x3400 Chair of the Fine Arts Department, Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Paula Kellinger x3274 Professor of Dance
Philip Lindsey x3305 Director of the Bogigian Gallery, Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Global Studies
Melanie Gregg x3254 Chair of Foreign Languages
Department, Associate Professor of French
Amanda McMenamin x3233 Assistant Professor of Spanish
Wendell Smith x3165 Assistant Professor of Spanish

Nicolaos Catsis     

   Assitant Professor of Global Studies
Philosophy & Religion
David True x3396 Chair of Philosophy and Religion Department, Associate Professor of Religion
John Elia x3114 Associate Professor of Philosophy
Donald Kelley x3209 Head of Sciences Division,
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Environmental Studies
Edward Wells x3413 Director and Professor
of Environmental Studies Program
Equestrian Studies
Ann O'Shallie x3202 Director of Equestrian Studies and Professor of Equestrian Studies/Equine Facilitated Therapeutics
Elizabeth Leary x3411 Stable Manager
Mathematics & Computer Science
Donald Kelley x3209 Associate Professor of Computer Science
Justin Lawrence x3119 Assistant Professor of Mathematics
and Physics
Alexander Munson x3276 Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Health Sciences
Carolyn Hart x3283 Director of RN to BSN Online Program
Elizabeth Thorpe x4853 Adminstrative Assistant
Physical and Life Sciences
Brad Engle x3170 Chair of Physical and Life Sciences Department, Associate Professor of Biology
Laura Altfeld x3299 Associate Professor of Biology
Deborah Austin x3284 Professor of Chemistry, Associate Dean of Academic Advising
Lori Frey x2012 Director of Athletics and Associate Professor of Exercise and Sports Science and Physical Education
Dana Harriger x3275 Professor of Biology
Shelly Novak x3366 Associate Athletic Director
Rebecca Smith x3388 Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Veterinary Medical Technology
Freya Burnett x3288 Director of VMT Program,
Professor of VMT
George Bates x3334 Associate Professor of VMT
Tammy Ege x3216 Instructor of VMT
Tina Roles x3174 Instructor of VMT
Julie Raulli x3281 Head of Social Sciences Division, Associate Professor of Sociology
Behavioral Sciences
Julie Raulli x3281 Associate Professor of Sociology
Carl Larson x3310 Associate Professor of Psychology
Steven Schmidt x3285 Assistant Professor of Psychology
Business & Economics
James Hay x3258 Chair of Business and Economics
Department, Associate Professor of Accounting
Xiangjing Wei x3261 Assistant Professor of Economics
John McKenzie x3238 Adjunct Professor of Business
Lynn Newman x3398 Director of Education Programs, Chair of Education Department, Associate Professor
Kathleen Kaminski x3346
Associate Professor
Theresa Hoover x3124 Assistant Professor
Beth Byers x3219 Director of Teacher Intern (TIP) Program
Marian Strait x3405 Education Office Manager
Eric Michael x3109 Director of Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program
Norma Snider x2045 Administrative Assistant, Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program
History & Political Science
Jill Hummer x3229 Chair of History/Political Science Department, Associate Professor of Political Science
Kay Ackerman x3316 Associate Professor of History


Vickie Locke x3349 Director
Heather Diritto           x3351 Academic Success Coordinator            


Christine Mayer x3247 Program Manager, FCSL
Sarah Bay
Fulton Farm Manager
Judith Scriptunas x3352 Program Manager, Robyn Van En Center


Amy Ensley x3279 Director and WISMAT Coordinator
Leigh Rupinski x2049 College Archivist


Kathleen Murphy x5114 Director
Andrew Frank x3294 Public Services Librarian
Kelly Spiese x3295 Cataloger/Reference Librarian
Jonathan Clark x3380 Library Technician


Jean Hoover x3355 Registrar
Ellen Ott x3187 Assistant Registrar
Darlene Coover x2007 Assistant to the Registrar