Virus and Spam

Spam Filters

Virus and SPAM scanning is handled at Wilson College by a product known as Sybari. The company has recently been purchased by Microsoft so this should increase it’s effectiveness.

Unlike some solutions that deliver all messages to your mailboxes and THEN try to filter viruses and SPAM, Sybari filters them BEFORE they get to you. Messages detected by our system are just deleted instead of just tagged as SPAM or delivered to a SPAM folder which you would need to empty.

We went with this particular company due to their extremely high Virus (Zero since installation in 2000 following an outbreak of the Melissa virus) and SPAM (>95%) detection rates as well as their low “false positive” rates (<1 in 10,000). The SPAM detection rate has dropped recently due to the worldwide proliferation of “Image SPAM”.

The Virus scanner scans each message with scanners from multiple vendors for greater security (If one vendor misses it, another will catch it)

(Vendors: AhnLabs, CA InoculateIT, CA Vet, Network Associates (McAfee), Norman Data Defense and Sophos).

The Wilson College virus scanners update themselves every 24 hours and the SPAM scanner updates itself every 15 minutes.

Wilson College receives between 35,000 and 50,000 emails daily. Of that, between 70% to 85%

We have also started using “RBLs” (Realtime Block Lists) to assist in the SPAM filtering battle. They catch an additional 5-7%.

Bulletin date: 10 April 2007.