Kimberly Maske-Mertz '14

Wilson Magazine asked Kimberly Maske-Mertz and Marissa Felderg to stay off social media sites for a week. The following are excerpts from the daily journals they kept.
   I began the experiment this morning not completely aware of just how deeply social media has become a part of my daily life. My use of Facebook and Twitter has become somewhat of a constant. Upon waking, I immediately found myself reaching for my phone to check my newsfeed on Facebook. I couldn’t help but grumble at myself for the mistake.
The momentary lapse followed me throughout the day. I found myself looking at my phone more than once and trying to avoid the “banned” icons staring at me from the screen. It was much too quiet, writing without Facebook alerting me of another notification.
   At the same time, I found the lack of distraction made me much more productive. I managed to almost finish developing an entire website for a committee. Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid logging into Facebook while working on the website, since most of the information I needed was posted on the committee’s private group.
   I made it a point to warn my family, friends, students and colleagues not to expect an immediate reply to their messages. A few have scoffed at the idea of me even agreeing to participate in this experiment to remain off social media. Others have wished me luck. My best friend quite bluntly told me that she did not think I could last two days. Even worse, a pregnant friend (Lisa) is due any day now. Will anyone even pick up the phone to call or will the announcement only appear online?
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Kimberly Maske-Mertz '14
Age: 37
Major: MA in Humanities/ Language and Literature