Marissa Feldberg '14

Wilson Magazine asked Kimberly Maske-Mertz and Marissa Felderg to stay off social media sites for a week. The following are excerpts from the daily journals they kept.
   Last night I notified my Facebook community that I would be cutting myself off for an entire week, assuming this would be a breeze. I primarily use Facebook as a means to tell the world about my various neuroses, to share some song lyrics I find particularly poignant and to post funny quotes, which may not actually be that funny.
   The social media I am most addicted to is YouTube, which I use mostly to ease into study sessions. I also use YouTube extensively to find new music and sometimes (when I am feeling especially drained) to watch funny clips (check out Portlandia: “Am I Fat?”).
   I figured that I would be so busy with academic assignments that I wouldn’t have time to even miss YouTube, or for that matter, any social media.
   But today proved otherwise. I missed my workout this morning (this almost never happens) and I find myself irritable and grumpy. Add the fact that I left the house without my purse and lost an assignment due to technological failure, suddenly, I feel the need to tell the world about my serious frustration. Can I please just complain a little bit on my Facebook wall? No, I made a moral contract with myself to refrain from the Facebook vortex.
   So instead of posting about my totally insignificant and melodramatic woes, I took out my frustrations on others harmlessly toiling on their assignments in Sarah’s Coffeehouse. Later in the evening, a friend and I decided to go shopping. I had fun catching up with her and we laughed a lot, but shopping proved disastrous for our self-concepts. I was disturbed by just how crappy I felt after trying on clothes, so I had an intense need to tell the world about it on Facebook and perhaps communicate with a human being, also via Facebook. I was just barely able to refrain.
   I went to bed tired, hoping to wake up on Day 2 as a less grumpy Miss Marissa.
Marissa Feldberg.jpg Marissa Feldberg '14
Major: Communications