Marissa Feldberg '14

Wilson Magazine asked Kimberly Maske-Mertz and Marissa Felderg to stay off social media sites for a week. The following are excerpts from the daily journals they kept.
   By Sunday, I was really ready to use YouTube for some musical inspiration. I sent text messages to a dear old friend off and on during the morning. I also talked to another friend via text who was running a marathon and was allowed to receive texts. So I wished her luck and got about the rest of my day free from social media. While writing papers and other work, I listened to iTunes (Stars’ In Our Bedroom after the War) to help make the activities more palatable. I wanted to post some of the selected verses on my Facebook wall.
   I spent the rest of the evening plodding through my to-do list. Good Lord. I do like to procrastinate!
Marissa Feldberg.jpg Marissa Feldberg '14
Major: Communications