Marissa Feldberg '14

Wilson Magazine asked Kimberly Maske-Mertz and Marissa Felderg to stay off social media sites for a week. The following are excerpts from the daily journals they kept.
   Finals were approaching. I almost had a heart attack when I looked at my syllabi for the next two weeks. I used to be very disciplined and good at managing my time in high school—when I did not have a Facebook account. And even a month ago, before my car was totaled in an accident and I tore my meniscus, I was much better at managing my frantic workweek. Now, without such a ridiculous schedule, I have practically fallen off the “hard work” wagon, trading in hours of due diligence for social media.
   So now, given the current state of my academic affairs, it looks like this “no social media” experiment may inevitably continue until either the semester is over or I keel over and die due to the stress and panic.
   Somebody help me!
Marissa Feldberg.jpg Marissa Feldberg '14
Major: Communications