Be Inquisitive

Be Inquisitive

Wilson students follow their dreams

A Wilson education is a journey of discovery ─ discovery of yourself and of your world. Explore technique and color through paint. Jump off a boat at night to collect nocturnal marine life. Learn about another culture firsthand as you tutor the children of migrant workers. At Wilson, your curiosity takes you places.

Innovation is a priority here. We require students in the sciences to carry out an original research idea during their senior year. We offer publishing opportunities for undergraduates in the English department. We deliver strong programs in science and math, and we have recently developed new degree programs like our major in environmental sustainability, to meet global needs. Wilson’s foundations are rooted in more than 140 years of tradition, but we are a forward-thinking institution with forward-thinking students.

Our campus is in South-Central Pennsylvania…and the world. Fourteen percent of our undergraduate students are from other countries, creating a diverse campus culture. We encourage all our students to study abroad in countries from Belize to South Korea. At Wilson College, you can be inquisitive.

Wilson has given me the ability to feel confident enough to apply for such a program [an internship in Sydney, Australia, through the Washington Center’s Intern Abroad program]. It has given me an education that I feel I will be able to hit the ground running.

─ Leslie Hoover ’13

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