Be Odd, Be Even

Be Odd, Be Even

Wilson students support each other

When you attend a college founded in 1869, you can count on a strong base of traditions that enrich campus life and foster community spirit. At Wilson College, these traditions begin with your freshman designation as an “Odd” or “Even,” depending on your expected graduation year.

Your “Odd” or “Even” freshman class is paired with the corresponding junior class, to which you remain linked until you present a daisy chain as sophomores to your “Big Sister” class on its graduation morning, whose members toss the chain into Conococheague Creek for good luck. The next fall, you step up as big sisters to the incoming freshman class. Throughout your four years at Wilson, your big sisters and little sisters are always there for you, while the friendly rivalry between the “opposing” classes challenges all of you to strive for success.

From the formal White Dinner each fall to the first warm day of spring when the dean rings the Edgar Hall bell to cancel classes for the day, century-old traditions transform Wilson students from diverse backgrounds into a tightknit community whose bonds last a lifetime. At Wilson College, you can be odd, be even.

Traditions are the soul of Wilson. Without them we would too easily forget how blessed we are to be a part of this amazing community.

─ Heather Newitt ’07

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