Be Strong

Be Strong

Wilson students use their inner strength

The first clue comes at new-student orientation, when you strap on a helmet and harness and plunge down a zip line through the forest. Wilson College is a community of strong students, and you’re one of them.

Because Wilson graduates are strong in their thinking, beliefs and actions, they accomplish phenomenal things. Wilson alumnae are people like Mary Galbraith ’60, who preserves and presents the works of contemporary artists through Ventura, California’s, nonprofit “Focus on the Masters” program…or Rebecca Heston ’09, who is completing research for a master’s degree at Lake Clark National Park in Anchorage, Alaska, where she is doing research on biodiversity. Our graduates are successful men and women who make real contributions to society.

Being a Wilson student means being part of a community of peers, dedicated faculty and alumnae who will be your network for life. These mentors and role models help you push yourself to achieve. At Wilson College, you can be strong.

At Wilson, I was a unique person who was acknowledged by faculty and staff members, and I felt important.

─ Kayla Whitfield-Bradley ’10

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