MFA Concentrations


The Wilson College Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts degree offers concentrations in choreography or visual arts. In either of these tracks, students will exercise high level critical and creative thinking resulting in a distinctive artistic voice. Students will demonstrate mastery of disciplinary and medium specific technical skills, conceptual and contextual applications across disciplinary boundaries and of critique and communication expertise as appropriate to their area of concentration. The goal of the MFA program is to provide a platform for students to reach the next level in their professional field, and further their education through personal artistic growth.

Choreography Concentration

The MFA in Choreography provides opportunities to engage in-depth investigations of choreographic practices. It is a time for intensive study of dance-making methods and it is designed to expose, challenge and refine the participants’ beliefs about choreography. The multidisciplinary approach requires students to engage in dialogue with a broad range of contemporary art issues.

Visual Art

The concentration in visual art is a multidisciplinary program that cultivates individual research in a primary medium. Students work to develop the skills necessary for rich and meaningful dialogue in contemporary art through studio practice, individual and group critique and analysis of theory and history.

Thesis Performance/Exhibition, Portfolio Review, and Oral Defense

To complete the MFA, students mount a disciplinary/medium appropriate thesis performance or exhibition in a venue agreed upon by the student, mentor and director. The thesis proposal is approved during the Summer Residency Studio Seminar II. The student is responsible for all aspects of the thesis project. In addition, students present a portfolio consisting of written assignments gathered throughout the student’s time in the program, selected journals and sketch books and relevant thesis documentation. A successful oral defense of the thesis project and portfolio, conducted with the thesis committee in person or online, concludes the MFA program.

Home Studio Mentors

MFA students work with Wilson-approved mentors during their non-residency periods. Mentors work in collaboration with the Wilson faculty to give students the feedback, guidance and support crucial to success in the MFA program. Frequent face-to-face contact with a master choreographer/artist throughout home studio practice helps students grow as scholars and artists. Mentors serve both students and Wilson by helping to enforce requirements, evaluate work, monitor progress and connect students to a greater network of  artists. Mentors are nominated by the student, approved by the MFA Director and compensated by Wilson.

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