Institute for Retired Persons

Founded in 1983, IRP was the brainchild of several Chambersburg area residents who felt there was a need for lifelong learning. Originally IRP courses were taught by local experts. Currently, the institute  brings in  speakers from a wider area to discuss topics such as music, literature, nature, history, art, politics, the military, computers, local communities, hobbies… a true potpourri.  The membership has grown to over 300.

Each talk runs 75 minutes.  There are two each day, three days a week, over an eight-week semester.  The members come to those subjects that interest them.  The type of talk is similar to many of the Elderhostel sessions – neither elementary nor overly academic in character.  Included in the program are four one-day trips that are always very popular.

Good fellowship is a wonderful by-product of the IRP learning process.  Newcomers are warmly welcomed, and make new acquaintances while learning about the wide range of activities in which IRP members are involved.

Membership fees are $25.00 per semester for one and $40.00 per couple.

Useful Resources

For more information contact Pat Chickering at 717-264-7140


 For a brochure or membership application contact John Ricca Information Coordinator at 717-352-8996 or email

Refund Policy

Refunds for trips will be given only if a substitute is found or for recoverable expenses.


In the event that Chambersburg Schools are closed for bad weather or have a two hour delayed opening, IRP sessions will not meet.