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Basketball Plays Hard in Home Opener Against Chargers

Byline: by Jisoo Kim

Posted: December 10, 2012

The Wilson Phoenix’s home basketball opener was held on Wed, Dec. 5 in the Frank E. Gannett Memorial Field House

The opposing team was the Lancaster Bible College Chargers. Both teams were very eager to play the game and a large audience cheered them on. This match with the Chargers was a very difficult and tense game. In the first half alone the Chargers scored 15 points on foul shots. Wilson was working the rest of the game to keep from giving those easy points to the other team through fouls. Wilson put together a good first half of basketball despite all the fouls that were called on them. In the first half the score was 24-29, Phoenix versus Chargers.

During the second half of the game, Wilson came out motivated and focused their efforts on improving from the first half. Both teams were better with defense and offense. The Chargers made the least amount of mistakes, grabbing the most rebounds and making the most foul shots in the second half to come out on top. Wilson did their best, and through this game, they will be more prepared for future games. The final game score was 43-67.

“Our strongest point this year is going to come both offensively and defensively. Individually each player plays both offense and defense, but naturally some of us prefer one over the other and naturally excel at the one we prefer. With the players we have this year, we have a good amount of strong defensive and offensive players, which allows us as teammates to learn, support, and teach our teammates; which will overall help our team create a well-rounded offensive and defensive game,” said Ashlee Yealy ‘15, one of the basketball team’s season leaders.

“Our weak points are on the defensive end with rebounding and guarding faster opponents. We have slow feet defensively and we refuse to box out as a team. We need 5 people working together to get the rebound, not one or two. We also struggle on the offensive side of the ball with forcing passes that are not there and making strong moves to the basket,” said Angie Grove ‘00, Head Basketball Coach.

“Our strategy for our next opponent is to work on our defensive pressure and rebounding. I also plan on having them do some more offensive drills against defensive pressure to have to score under pressure," said Grove. “This team has a lot of potential to do good things together this season,” Grove added.

Last Updated: February 23, 2013