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Athletic Department Seeks New Mascot to Ignite Team Sports Spirit

Byline: by Soyoung An

Posted: March 29, 2012

A school’s mascot is a symbol of its sports team and central to team spirit. The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is looking for new students, faculty or staff members to be the Phoenix mascot for this spring season.

The Phoenix mascot plays an important role in creating the atmosphere during sports events and promoting college athletics.

The SAAC held tryouts in the Field House following spring break.

Phoenix mascot MVP

Director of Athletics, Lori Frey says, "Graduates and the community felt that we should treat our mascot like many other colleges do. It is prestigious."

At many schools, the mascot is a central part of school spirit. They cheer up the crowd who supports the team and brings up the spirit of the players during sporting events.

The Athletics Department has a mascot costume that is a phoenix. An alumni purchased this costume for Wilson athletes several years ago.

The last four years, a student’s parent volunteered their time as the mascot.

Alyssa Bernard ‘12 says, "We want to be able to find one or two people that are energetic, creative and fun to be the supporter of the playing team and get the crowd excited and pumped."

Holding mascot to high standards

Once selected the mascot will be expected be present at all athletic events and will be held to the same standard as other athletes.

"It is a huge commitment and an honor to be considered," Frey says.

The legend of the phoenix’s spark, strength and renewed spirit motivates Wilson sports teams. In the same way that the mythical phoenix burns and then rises from the ashes, the student athletes also recover from difficulties and find strength.

"It takes long time to get everything ready in order to do it [select a mascot]," Frey says.

The SAAC had a lot of paper work to complete, policies and applications for the interviewing process.

Last Updated: March 29, 2012