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Senior Gymnasts Say Goodbye, Basketballers Bid Farewell

Byline: by Mandy Grahn and Ashlee Yealy

Posted: March 29, 2012

Several senior athletes leave the Phoenix fold at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year. Their fellow teammates celebrate the departing seniors by lauding their accomplishments


Alex Howard '13

Howard has been a very positive impact for the team over the past three years. She is a fierce competitor, always expecting better of herself. She is also a beautiful floor worker, extremely graceful on beam and her bars consistently score above a 9.0. Her freshmen year, Howard qualified for National Collegiate Gymnastic Association (NCGA) Nationals on her two best events, bars and floor. During her sophomore year and this year, she qualified in the all around, competing on all four events. Howard is an extremely talented gymnast and will be greatly missed.

Whitney Hawkins '12

Hawkins has been a dedicated member of the gymnastics team for three years, competing her freshmen, sophomore and senior year. Hawkins always willingly helps out the team any way she can, even if that means competing her least favorite event, bars. Hawkins never worries about other competitors, but instead focuses on beating her own score from the previous meet. She is hardworking at practice, and is always there to offer some comic relief during tough practices. Hawkins is a positive attribute to the team and will be greatly missed.


Maggie Sipps ‘12

Sipps is one of the players with the most heart and passion for the game. Consistently the first person back on defense, she plays with the same intensity throughout the game no matter what the score is. Sipps was great at passing the ball, dribbling when the team was in need of ball handlers and being ready on fast breaks. When someone started to look down, she was there to pick them up and encourage them, and would always remain positive and full of Wilson pride.

Laura Beck '12

Having never played a day of competitive basketball in her life, Beck daringly decided to attempt something new when she joined the team in the fall of 2011. She continued to play at the same intensity no matter if the team was playing the number one team in the league or not. Beck played hard defense and would fight for the ball. She became one of the quickest learners of the new plays and skills required to play the game. Beck reminds players who played for years that no matter what skill level you come into this game with, we all play for some reason. Beck’s dedication to the sport will be missed.

Last Updated: March 29, 2012