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Students and Faculty Receive Awards

Posted: May 1, 2012

Academic Awards 2011-2012

Students and faculty members were honored on Friday, April 27, during the annual Wilson College Academic Awards ceremony in the auditorium of the Harry R. Brooks Complex for Science, Mathematics and Technology.

Stephanie Bachman Gloria Randle Scott-Frances Richards Hesselbein Prize
Casey Beidel Margaret Criswell Disert Honors Scholarship
Tonya Bender Davison Greenawalt Grove Award
Katie Bruner Organic Chemistry Award
Gillian Barth Outstanding Peer Teacher
Rachel Coldsmith (Scholarship) James Applegate Award
Randy Ehrhart William P. Van Looy Busines Prize
Christina “C. J.” Giacomini Margaret Strode Haines Award
Halyley Glass Helen Adams Nutting History Prize, Outstanding Peer Teacher, and the Wilson Equestrienne Award
Connie Goodwin Outstanding Peer Teacher
Tonya Grissinger CRC Press General Chemistry Achievement Award
Sonja Hess Robert Shannon McElwain Prize
Dana Hill Alice Martin Brumbaugh Award in Sociology
Brandy Holtzapple Regina Shaputnic Cuomo Mathematics Award
Leslie Hoover William P. Van Looy Business Prize
Alexandre Howard Joanne Harrison Hopkins Literary Achievement Award
Ian Irvin Marel Harlow Cheng Memorial Prize
Brooke Ketron Grace Tyson Schlichter Award in Communications
Rachael Kinley John D. Rose Award in Environmental Studies
Kacie Oberholzer Dorle Haas Memorial Prize
Colleen O'Reilly Outstanding Peer Teacher
Ashley Overdorff Edward and Sarah Anderson Psychology Prize and Peer Teacher Recognition Award
Alyssa Sabot Catherine Herr Langdon Award
Sierra Amber Schnable Carolyn Zeleny Prize
Katelyn Sells Helga Rist German Award
Chelsey Smentkowski John D. Rose Award in Environmental Studies
Selena Sunderland Nicky Hoffman Reich Award
Chelsea Varner E. Grace White Prize/Summer Scholarship and the Outstanding Peer Teacher Award
Melissa Weitkamp Gomer Donna Gomer VMT ADP Award
Mary Beth Wert Josef Michael Kellinger Foreign Language Award
Courtney Wolfe Estep-Lawson Memorial Prize and the Mary Beers Sheppard Prize
Carol Zehosky (Performance) James Applegate Award

Paula Kellinger Donald Bletz Senior Faculty Member Award for Teaching Senior Faculty Member
Ann O'Shallie Donald Bletz Senior Faculty Member Award for Teaching Senior Faculty Member
Tina Roles Donald Bletz Junior Faculty Member Award for Teaching Junior Faculty Member
Denise Joyal Donald Bletz Adjunct Faculty Member Award for Teaching Adjunct Faculty Member
Dr. Larry Shillock Assessment Excellence Award
Dr. Jill Hummer Assessment Innovation Award

Last Updated: May 2, 2012