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Danielle Roux '15

Posted: October 19, 2012

Danielle Roux ’15 has always dreamed of running her own business. Although she didn’t pursue college after high school, choosing instead to go to right to work, it was that dream that led her years later to continue her education at Wilson College.

Roux, of Chambersburg, is currently pursuing an associate degree in management and a certificate in small business and entrepreneurship. She hopes to one day go on to get a bachelor’s degree in business and economics.

But getting there won’t be easy. Roux works full time in the Information Technology Department at Chambersburg Hospital, where she has been employed for 22 years. Finding time to work, take classes, study and have a personal life is a balancing act.

“It is hard with a full-time job to have the energy to come home and write a paper or study for a test,” said Roux. “I wanted to take one credit a semester so that I could focus on my class work and have time to study.”

Wilson College is helping Roux juggle her busy routine.

“It’s like they understand that you have a life outside of school,” she said. “They made it easy to work around my schedule, which, as a working mom, appealed to me.”

Like many other students, Roux loves the connection professors make with their students. She works closely with Dr. Douglas J. Crawford to make sure that classes she needed to take were being offered. She also works closely with her Adult Degree Program adviser.

“My adviser, Mary Foltz Berberich, is fantastic. I have a great rapport with her,” Roux said. “We are always in communication about everything when it comes to my school work.”

Roux’s ultimate goal is to open a bed-and-breakfast with a twist — one that offers entertainment such as open mic nights — to make it “a nice place to come hang out, maybe have a light lunch or dinner.”

Last Updated: October 19, 2012