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September: Letter to the Editor

Byline: by Silence Does-no-good

Posted: September 28, 2012

“Histories of Lives are seldom entertaining, unless they contain something either admirable or exemplar” -Benjamin Franklin

Why should I care about this you say? Because now is the opportunity for you and your fellow students to do something admirable and memorable that will make an impact for years to come. There is never a lack of complaints to pass around ranging from academics, to residence halls, to the food served in the dining hall but what have you really done other than whine about it? Whether you are an outgoing person or someone who would rather sit in the back of class there is something you can do to be heard. Nagging to your friends about everything that pushes your buttons and writing snide little comments on posters hanging all around campus really does nothing to change the very thing you are so against as to act out upon. No matter how wrapped up in our own lives we are, it only takes a minute to make your voice heard.

Now I certainly don’t mean to say that complaining is the wrong thing to do - it is all in how you do it. Complain to the right people in the right way. Going off on a vocal rampage to your best friend who sees the story the same way you do doesn’t open your eyes to the other possibilities. KNOW THE FULL STORY.

Make an effort to become informed. This not only applies to what goes on here at Wilson but to life in general.Take for instance the upcoming elections. There are a multitude of students here on campus that say they are not voting because they do not agree with the candidates or politics in general. That does absolutely nothing to get your opinion heard and changes nothing.

Half of you probably don’t even know what changes are being discussed this very moment, and the other half of you will probably not even read this letter but here it is anyways. Change is coming my friends and in a big way!

You can be afraid, happy, or really pissed off at what is decided, but no one will ever know unless you make your opinion heard. WCGA (Wilson College Government Association for those of you whose heads are under a rock) speaks out for the students who are less inclined to walk right up to the administration and say how they really feel. An association run by OUR PEERS for pete’s sake – you can tell them practically anything! And the great thing about it is that they will actually do something about what you are complaining about. They hold weekly meetings when no classes are scheduled so there is no excuse why you shouldn’t come. There is even this thing called pizza talk where they give you free pizza! Wow! So for those of you who are starving after that awful dinner you were forced to eat in the dining hall that evening…why haven’t I seen you in those meetings? Just a bit hypocritical ya think?

The opportunities are there and all you as a student have to do is reach out and grab them. We all know who the leaders are on this campus and they are more than willing to hear you thoughts on what can be done to make Wilson OURS. Because let’s face it, we have invested in a business with all the money we pay in tuition, however you may go about paying for it, so take what you are putting your money into and make something out of it. I dare you…

For those who will take Offence were none is intended, they are beneath the Notice of Your Humble Servant, Silence Does-no-good

Last Updated: February 24, 2013