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February: Letter to the Editor

Byline: by Ariel Huffman

Posted: February 24, 2013

I am disappointed that I was told by an administrator that the decision has "nothing to do with the merits of a women's college." While I realize that we are in a difficult position, financially, we are an educational institution and that should hold some weight.

The education that a woman receives at a women’s college is different from what she would receive at a coeducational institution: she is more likely to continue on to her master’s degree, there are more opportunities for leadership positions, and she is more likely to succeed in areas traditionally underrepresented by women such as politics, sciences, and mathematics. For me, not taking these factors into account is disappointing.

I am disappointed that we dropped the ball, all of us. Our school is $31 million dollars in debt. Such a plight does not occur without notice, or at least it should not have. For that I am disappointed. Out of all my disappointments though, I am most thoroughly disappointed with myself. I am disappointed that I could not change what occurred, and for that I am sorry.

“I am sorry.”

I am sorry to Sarah Wilson. I am sorry that in less than nine months we changed your mission for the college that you so generously helped to become a possibility and I thank you for the last 143 years as a student of your college.

To “her dear departed daughters,” most especially those who fought to keep Wilson open during 1979, I apologize that once again you had to face the loss of a school that means so much to you and holds so many memories. To my fellow classmates, I’m sorry that this was what our senior year has come to — many of us have felt lost through this experience, and stunned that we were so callously ready to abandon our mission that has meant so much to us. To our underclassmen, I am sorry too for the tumultuous semester that has passed, and I hope that we may experience calmer waters while still being free for all to express our views, regardless of where they fall on the debate.

To the freshmen specifically, I would like to apologize. I am sorry that your first semester here was so intense and divided. To anyone who has felt marginalized during this process, I am sorry. This was never about hating men – Wilson, through all of her traditions, is about welcoming every student who walks through her doors – but about everything to do with fighting for the right to the most beneficial education for myself and other women; an education proven by studies and an education at a women’s college.

Last Updated: February 24, 2013