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Wilson College Recognizes Achievements at 2013 Student Research Day

Posted: May 8, 2013

Wilson College held its fourth annual Student Research Day to recognize student achievements on Friday, May 3. Wilson students and their families, as well as faculty, staff, graduates and members of the public attended.

: May 7, 2013
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CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. – Wilson College held its fourth annual Student Research Day to recognize student achievements on Friday, May 3. Wilson students and their families, as well as faculty, staff, graduates and members of the public attended.

Twenty-one seniors presented their work in the Brooks Complex Auditorium or the Allen Auditorium in Warfield Hall. Eight juniors participated in a poster session in which the students shared their work graphically and through individual explanations to participants who stopped by to learn more.

“Student Research Day was created in recognition of the importance of student research and the accomplishments of our students,” said Dr. Mary Hendrickson, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty. “The research demonstrates the high level of accomplishments by the students as they complete their quest for bachelor’s degrees.”

The following seniors, listed with their majors, presented research:

Brenda Winklbauer (psychology) - “Incidence of Bullying: Same Gender vs. Mixed Gender.”

Samantha Baker (psychology) - “Reading Comprehension While Multitasking on Facebook.”

Nicole Musser (sociology major) - “The Gendered Portrayal of Athletes on Sports Magazine Covers.”

Chelsea Krebs (biology) - “Comparative Analysis of Viability Assays for Evaluation of Post-thaw Equine Spermatozoa.”

Chelsey Smentkowski (biology) - “The Effect of Posilac® on the Concentration of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) in Bovine Milk and Serum.”

Connie Goodwin (biology) - “Purification and Comparative Study of L-Amino Acid Oxidase from Crotalus horridus (Timber Rattlesnake) Venoms.”

Catherine Green (fine arts) - Boundaries.”

Amanda Stup (fine arts) - “Carbine and Steel.”

Rebecca Metzbower (fine arts) - “Metzbower.”
Kayla Croft (biology) - “The Efficacy of Vitamin K Supplementation When Administered With or Without Coagulation Factor IX on the Treatment of Hemophilia B in a Mouse Model.”

Ovsanna Movsesyan (biology) - “Analysis on Concentrations of 17ß-Estradiol in African Clawed Frogs (Xenopus laevis) Treated with Chloroform and Iodoacetic Acid, Common Endocrine Disrupting Compounds, Resulting from Water Disinfection Procedures.”

Kelly Sue Antonucci (biology) - “Effect of Two Extraction Methods on Antibacterial Properties of Oils Derived from Salvia officinalis.

Kimberly Slaughter (environmental studies) - “An Assessment of Invasive and Native Plant Species in the Wetland at the Fulton Farm.”

Shauna Pieruccini (environmental studies) - “A Comparative Analysis of Riparian Buffers on the Wilson College Campus and Plan for Future Rehabilitation of Problem Areas.”

Trisha Williams (political science) - “Where Are All the Women? Why More Women Do Not Run for Congressional Office.”

Aneshia Knepper (biology) - “Familial Grouping of Female Odocoileus virginianus in a Hunted Environment.”

Monica Lyons (biology) - “Metal Absorption in Ulothrix zonata (Chlorophyta, Ulthraciases) from Sediment Contaminated with Acid Mine Drainage.”

Rachael Kinley (biology) - “Analyzing the Effectiveness of Neodymium as a Shark Deterrent in the Pelagic Longline Fishing Industry to Reduce the Bycatch of Pelagic Shark Species.”

Dana Hill (sociology with honors) - “Hear But Not Heard: The Censorship of the Female Voice in Commercial Rap Music.”

Laura Hans (mass communications with honors) - “The Internet as a Public Sphere: Democracy and Communication.”

In addition, the following Wilson College students presented posters representing their research:

Janelle Wills (biology) -"Quantification of Secoisolariciresinol in Bovine Milk from Cattle Fed Diets Supplemented with Salvia hispanica and Linum usitatissimu."

Cortney Roper (biology) - "Chemotactic Factors Involved in the Homing of Canine Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Damaged Sites in Bone.”

Meghan Reed (biology) - "The Relationship Between Area of Captive Elephant Habitat and Reproductive Status in Both African and Asian Elephants.”

Emma Echanis (biology) -"The Effects of Sonic Hedgehog and Over-expression of the DCDC2 Dyslexia Associated Gene on the Growth of Primary Cilia in Cortical Neurons.”

Monica Drummond (chemistry) - "The Effect of Matricaria chamomilla, Hyperisum perforatum, and Ocimum sanctum on Corticosterone Concentration in a Murine Model.”

Jeaneva Gagne (biology) -"Effectiveness of Fecal Bacterial Population Enumeration and Analysis as a Diagnostic Tool for Equine Endocrinopathic and Inflammatory Laminitis.”

Joytsna Dhakal (biology) - "Determining the Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Vaccine Induced Resistance to Myobacterium tuberculosis Infection in Guinea Pigs.”

Ashley Perkins (chemistry) - "Alternative Methods of Separation for the Dewatering Process.”

Lori Fedorczyk (biology) - "Social Reorganization in Female Mice and Its Impact on Hippocampal Function.”

The final presentation of Student Research Day was made by 2013 Disert Scholar Casey Beidel in the Brooks Complex auditorium. Beidel was awarded the Margaret Criswell Disert ’13 Honors Scholarship last spring for the best proposal for honors in the major. His presentation, entitled “An Exploration of New-Wave Fabulism,” was completed under the guidance of Dr. Michael Cornelius, associate professor of English. Beidel is majoring in English.

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