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Profile: Kayla Whitfield-Bradley '10

Posted: August 5, 2011

After graduating from Wilson with a degree in veterinary medical technology, Kayla Whitfield-Bradley ’10 began her first year at Ohio State University, where she is pursuing a doctorate in veterinary medicine. She will graduate in June 2014.

After vet school, Kayla wants to own a small animal practice, where she can improve patients’ visits by practicing low-stress handling techniques.

“I have an interest in the current field of animal behavior assessment and modification, which includes things like puppy desensitization, preventing and correcting destructive behavior, and other cognitive concerns,” she said.

Kayla, who is from Altoona, Pa., chose Wilson for its small campus and student-to- faculty ratio, which is very different from Ohio State. "I feel like I can get lost in the university,” she said. “At Wilson, I was a unique person who was acknowledged by faculty and staff members, and I felt important.”

Kayla refers to the faculty here as her “Wilson family” because “they were always concerned that you were doing well in school and that you were doing well in general.”

Along with being an active member in several clubs and student government at Wilson, Kayla founded Wilson’s Pre-Veterinary Club. “I wanted to be able to form a support group so that we could help each other with applying to vet schools and keep up to date on current events and any new information that could help us get into our future careers.”

During her time at Wilson, Kayla also completed a summer internship at the Blair County Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, in Bellwood, Pa. “I ran and directed the center during the summer, coordinated volunteers and did animal care,” said Kayla.

Kayla believes that the liberal arts education she received from Wilson has helped her with life after college. “Because of the wide variety of courses we had to take, it helped me shape my ideas on how I want to shape my professional career,” she said.

Last Updated: December 29, 2011