SEEDS summer camp provides kids with a happy, healthy and rewarding summer experience in a safe and clean environment. Each camper will receive instruction through 4 different courses that will enrich their minds by teaching them skills and knowledge they can use in everyday life.


June 12 - 16, 2017
July 10 - 14, 2017
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

GRADES K - 6 are permitted


$200/child/week (we will provide 2 snacks through out the day but each camper must bring their own lunch)

All children who attended SEEDS in 2016 receive a 25% discount on their 2017 registration fee. Any parent who is listed in the "Referred by" section on the registration form for 3 new attendees in 2017 will receive 25% off their child's fee.


2017 Course Offerings

Each child will be placed in 4 courses per week based on their order of preference and availability. Some courses may not run or may fill up quickly.

Secret Agent Spy

Have you ever wondered how to dust for fingerprints? Do you know how to read invisible ink? Can you decode a secret message? Kids will use their spy skills to help solve a mysterious case. Campers will use science to discover evidence and clues. Your child will get a feel for what it’s like to be a spy, and will graduate as a Level 1 spy upon completion! 

STEM-ulating Science

Find out just how much fun Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) can be to learn using fun and unique challenges. Whether it be in is successes or failures, STEM activities push kids to expand their horizons, experiment, problem solve, and accept failure as a means to success. STEM will build a love for exploring, discovering, learning, and creating!

Junior Mad Scientists

Whether you are looking for a fun way to spark your child's interest in science or just a fun week of activities, junior Mad Scientist camp is perfect. Kids will have the chance to experiment through interactive and hands-on science activities. This fun new experience will instill a love of learning in your little scientist.

App Coding for Kids (Grades 4-6 only)

With the app industry booming, get your child started on the right path to a career in app development through this beginner coding course.

Junior Marketing

Your child will analyze products and ads that they enjoy and will figure out what it is that makes them want the product. At the end of the week the group will create an imaginary product accompanied with an effect marketing campaign.

Board Game Making

It’s time to bring out the creativity and design and create a brand new family fun board game, sure to replace your current family game night favorites.

Painting Styles

Explore different paint styles each day of the week. Styles will include impressionism, surrealism, pop art and more.

Colonial Life

A living history demonstration allows your child not only to observe life in Colonial America, but also to take part in typical activities from that time, such as churning butter and playing children’s games.

Basket Weaving (Grades 4-6 only)

Weaving baskets has never been easier or more fun! In addition to looking great and being useful, these crafty baskets will help kids work on their fine motor skills and their use of patterns.

Careers with Animals

Does your child love animals? Come learn about all the exciting careers Wilson College prepares its students for.

Conversational Spanish

In this course, there will be an emphasis on oral communication, Spanish idioms, expressions and dialogue. Some basic knowledge of Spanish is recommended but not required.


This course will introduce your child to the world of on-stage performance. From scripts to costumes, this course is sure to be a blast and will culminate in a short production.

Musical Geography

Your child will learn about a particular country or region through performance of its traditional dances and songs.

Theme Park Design

This new course will allow your child to design their own theme park. From rides and attractions to the theme and the location, everything will be from their own imagination!

African Art Safari

Africa is a continent with a lot of history. This course will not only explore the history, but engage your child by helping them create their own African Art projects.





Registration form for 2017

All children who attended SEEDS in 2016 receive a 25% discount on their 2017 registration fee. Any parent who is listed in the "Referred by" section on the registration form for 3 new attendees in 2017 will receive 25% off their child's fee.



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