SEEDS summer camp provides kids with a happy, healthy and rewarding summer experience in a safe and clean environment. Each camper will receive instruction through 4 different courses that will enrich their minds by teaching them skills and knowledge they can use in everyday life.


June 20 - 24, 2016
July 11 - 15, 2016
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

GRADES K - 6 are permitted


$200/child/week (we will provide 2 snacks through out the day but each camper must bring their own lunch)


2016 Course Offerings

Each child will be placed in 4 courses per week based on their order of preference and availability. Some courses may not run or may fill up quickly.

Spanish  - Join this Spanish immersion and fun learning course where students will gain knowledge through a natural approach to the language? Your child will participate in songs, games, stories and various play and craft activities that will help them develop an interest and easily learn the language.  Grades K-3 & 4-6

Improv - Kids need every opportunity to be themselves and have fun in a safe environment. Kids also need a place to grow confidence, sharpen their minds and learn to work as a team. In this course they will learn the rules of improv, performance techniques, and short-form improv games in a fun supportive environment. Grades 3-6

CSI - Learn how to evaluate an actual crime scene using some of the coolest and most scientific ways the pros use. Grades 4-6

Intro to Photography  - Let your child's imagination run free while they learn the basic rules of photography. Back by popular demand this course will help your child understand the basic aspects of photography, from framing to choosing a subject. While supplying their own digital camera is preferred it is not necessary. Grades K-3, 4-6

Colonial Life - A living history demonstration allows students not only to observe life in colonial America but also to take part in typical activities from that time, such as churning butter and playing children’s games. K-3, 4-6

Mystery Festival - Students observe the "Crime Scene", then conduct crime lab tests on evidence at classroom learning stations, analyze the results, apply their knowledge and try to solve the case of "Who Borrowed Mr. Bear?" Grades K-3

Sports Science - Demonstrate the biology, physics, and engineering behind athletics. Students learn about how different types of sports equipment—from footballs to hockey pucks—use friction, elasticity, and shape to their advantage. 3-6

Musical Geography - Learn about a particular country or region, such as the Appalachian Mountains, through a performance of its traditional dances and songs. Teach two or three simple tunes to the students and pass around lyrics sheets so they can sing along. K-3

Careers with animals - Does your child love animals? Come learn about all the exciting careers Wilson College prepares their students. K-3, 4-6

Wizardry - Channel your inner Harry Potter as we turn Wilson into the ultimate Hogwarts experience. Dark Arts, Potions, Herbology, Quidditch, and writing your very own articles in the “Quibbler,” are just a few of the activities that you will experience throughout the week. K-3, 4-6

Bead Work - Grades K-3, 4-6

Paint-A-Rama - Come make a splash in the art world while you learn the basics, tricks and techniques. In this course your child will experiment with watercolor, acrylic and tie-dye. Please supply a smock! K-3, 4-6

App Coding for Kids - With the app industry booming get your child started on the right path to a career in app development through this beginner coding course. 3-6

Ceramics - Grades K-3, 4-6 

Scrapbooking -  Grades K-3, 4-6

Hip Hop Dance - Get groovy with this popular style of dance! Grades K-3, 4-6 

Science Fair - Using ordinary household items, your child will learn and create some of the most unique science fair projects there are. Grades K-3, 4-6 

Nature Art - Discover and explore the natural world around you! Using nature's treasure trove of materials, you will have fun creating art projects inspired by nature. Grades K-3 

Garage Band - Making music is amazing but creating a wonderful sound using instruments you made yourself is extraordinary! Grades K-3, 4-6

Drama - This course will introduce your child to the world of on-stage performance. From scripts to costumes, this course is sure to be a blast! At the conclusion of the week each group will perform a short scripted production that parents, friends and family can attend. Grades K-3, 4-6





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