Fencing Club

Fencing is the martial art of swordplay and a sport one can compete in for a lifetime. The purpose of the Wilson Fencing Club is to introduce students to the sport, build skills, and provide opportunities to participate in friendly competition.

Never lifted a sword? Not a problem. Few students that join the club have past fencing experience. The Club has the all the gear and outstanding coaches that make for a fun learning experience. Physical size, strength, gender, doesn’t matter so much in fencing as it does in other sports. The sword is a great equalizer. Fencing is both physical and mental. Points are often scored because the fencer can outthink her opponent. You will be amazed at how quickly you will catch on.

Fencing diagram.JPG

Practice Schedule

The Wilson Fencing Club practices Monday and Wednesday nights at 9 pm.

The Weapons

Our club competes in all three weapons; foil, epee, and saber. A club member often specializes in one of the three.

There are different sets of rules for the three weapons, reflecting the differences in technique that grew out of their historical background. In foil and epee, a touch can be made only with the point of the weapon. The entire body is a valid target for the epee, but in foil a touch can be scored only on the torso area. In saber fencing, a hit may be made with the point, the cutting edge, or the forward third of the back edge.

The Bout

Competitors win a fencing bout (what an individual “game” is called) by being the first to score 15 points or 5 points (depending upon the type of competition) against her opponent. Each time a fencer lands a valid hit, or touch, on her opponent, she receives one point.

Contact Information

Gillian Barth  gillian.barth@wilson.edu