Activities and Clubs

The Wilson College Government Association (WCGA) is a student-run organization that is jointly responsible for the rules that govern the college campus. Comprised of elected student representatives, WCGA acts as a liaison between faculty, staff and students in an effort to initiate policy discussion based on any concerns and/or questions that may arise from students in the course of her or his study at Wilson. 

Student Clubs and Organizations

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Agape Christian Fellowship

The purpose of Agape Christian Fellowship is to provide a spiritually nourishing, fun environment for Christian students through Bible Study, service activates, worship and fellowship activates.


Allies is a club that supports gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning students. Allies seeks to educate the community about alternative lifestyles. Its activities are aimed toward promoting awareness of diverse attitudes, ideas and beliefs.

Alpha Delta Theta (Math Club)

Alpha Delta Theta's goal is to foster a greater understanding of mathematics and to encourage undergraduate research in mathematics on campus. The club consists of 10 members majoring in mathematics, accounting, biology, pre-med, equestrian sciences and financial mathematics. Adviser: Dr. Karen Adams.


The Archery Club aims to learn and teach new skills, and help students unwind after a busy day and shoot targets with arrows in a safe environment. Teams for tournaments coming soon!

Athletic Association

Upon entering Wilson, a student becomes ipso-facto a member of the Athletic Association and is welcome to participate in its various sports programs and to attend council meetings. The purpose of the organization is to maintain an interest in athletics, oversee the Outing Club and promote sportsmanship. The Athletic Association encourages each student to take part in the interclass, Odd-Even, intercollegiate, inter-residence hall and faculty-student sports competitions. Awards in the various sports are given on the basis of participation and skill level. The Pentathlon Award is the highest honor that can be achieved. Such an award is given not only for excellence in sports, but also for outstanding attitude and cooperation both while playing sports and in all phases of life.   Click here for more information

Behavioral Science

The goal of the Behavioral Sciences Club is to engage in social activities that promote group cohesion among students with an interest in psychology and/or sociology, and to enhance campus-wide education through involvement in activities such as lectures, conferences, research projects, films and presentations.


Published tri-weekly throughout the year, Wilson’s Billboard aims to present and discuss news and information pertinent to the members of the college community and its outside subscribers. For the readers, it is a succinct summary and sounding board of campus events; for its contributors, it is an exercise in creativity and technique. Each edition brings controversial editorials, feature stories, photographs and sports articles designed to keep the readers interested and informed.

Black Student Union

The purpose of this organization is to encourage African-American awareness, enhance the quality of life for members of the Black Student Union, conduct activities involving community outreach, and foster greater understanding of African-American culture and related issues. All students are welcome to attend.

Bottom Shelf Review

Wilson’s literary review was created to gather students to share literary interests and to promote the expression of literary talent within our committee. The group holds open poetry readings to discuss community contributions and annually publishes a select collection of poems and prose.  Click here for more information

Campus Activity Board (CAB)

Campus Activity Board (CAB) is a student-centered organization that assists the director of campus life to plan organize, implement and evaluate student activities. Activities include the selection of films for the film series, bands and entertainers, as well as trips off campus. CAB also plans the two annual semi-formals, White Dinner and Spring Fling.

Cheer Jocks

Cheer Jocks promotes attendance at athletic events by all that are involved at Wilson College. The club supports Wilson Phoenix athletes by making posters, encouraging students and the community to attend athletic contests, etc.


All students, staff and faculty are eligible to try out for the choir. Auditions are held at the beginning of every semester. The choir functions as a chapel and concert group performing on and off campus.  Click here for more information

Diversity Team

The Diversity Team supports and celebrates diversity on campus by collaborating with various clubs on campus to promote events such as celebrating Diversity Week, Women’s History Month and Orientation Week. This team helps to promote the inclusion of diversity at Wilson by organizing various activities and educational programs.   Click here for more information

Dressage Team

Members of the Dressage Team ride weekly to practice flatwork and dressage tests. They represent Wilson College in the interscholastic dressage competitions and intramural dressage shows.   Click here for more information

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club works to promote an increased awareness and understanding of environmental issues as they relate to the role of the individual. The purpose of the club is to create awareness on environmental issues such as conservation, preservation and restoration, with emphasis on educating the Wilson community. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to join.   Click here for more information

Equine-Facilitated Therapeutics Club

EFT Club is designed to educate the Wilson College student body and the community about the positive effects of therapeutic riding.

Eventing Team

The Eventing Club’s main goals are to educate the students of Wilson College about the equine sport of eventing; promote learning and safety while actively pursuing the sport and all it entails; and get students involved in making some changes to the areas at the Penn Hall Equestrian Center that are available for riding. We plan to use resources from the center to build and maintain cross-country fences, which will be open to everyone.    Click here for more information

Exercise and Sport Science (ESS) Club

The Exercise and Sport Science Club's goal is to promote health, fitness and wellness in the Wilson community through educational programs and activities that emphasize the importance of exercise and good nutrition. The ESS Club also provides exercise and nutrition information, as well as sponsors programs for the Eden Hall Fitness Center.

Fencing Club

Fencing is the martial art of swordplay and a sport one can compete in for a lifetime. The purpose of the Wilson Fencing Club is to introduce students to the sport, build skills and provide opportunities to participate in friendly competition.   Click here for more information


Wilson's Collegiate Chapter of FFA is the College's newest club.   Click here for more information

Friends of China

Friends of China Club aims to promote awareness of Chinese culture, provide new facts about today’s China and break down stereotypes and misunderstandings about China. The club has activities such as Chinese movie nights and annual celebrations of traditional Chinese festivals. This club considers having trips to the Chinese embassy in D.C. and inviting guest speakers to come to Wilson. The club is open to everyone.

Habitat for Humanity

This student group works throughout the year to plan the Alternative Spring Break trip, as well as works with the local Chambersburg Habitat for Humanity Chapter on local projects at least one weekend per semester.   Click here for more information

Hunt Seat Team

Hunt Seat Equitation is a year-round sport at Wilson, beginning with tryouts in September and continuing until the IHSA National Competition in May. Wilson competes in Region II Zone 3 of the IHSA Circuit. The Penn Hall Equestrian Center of Wilson College includes two indoor arenas, an outdoor arena, three barns and 20 acres of paddocks and pasture.   Click here for more information

International Studies Club

The International Studies Club was created by the Wilson College International Studies Department, whose faculty members bring a wide range of knowledge and experience from all regions of the world and in many different academic disciplines including politics, economics, history, business, sociology and anthropology.   Click here for more information

Kittochtinny Players (Drama Club)

Kittochtinny Players is Wilson’s drama club and its purpose is to allow the dramatic side of all Wilson students to come to life. Students write and perform most of their own work.   Click here for more information

Le Cercle Bobo (French Club)

Le Cercle Bobo is the French club at Wilson and strives to bring French culture and language to the Wilson community. The club holds French food bake sales, sings French Christmas carols during the holidays and has taken a trip to La Maison Française in Washington, D.C.

Mounted Drill Team

The Mounted Drill Team consists of eight to 16 horse and riders that put on several musical performances throughout the year for special events. The drill team allows various riders of differing levels of ability to demonstrate their skills acquired through practice with the team. The team also serves as a representation of the Department of Equestrian Studies and Wilson College as a whole.   Click here for more information

Muhibbah International Club

Muhibbah - a Malaysian word meaning unity among nations - best describes this international, intercultural group that is by no means confined to international students. Diverse populations of students who represent just about every continent in the world come together to create eclectic dinners, cultural evenings and other activities to promote cultural awareness. Muhhibah seeks to build connections with other universities and colleges to co-sponsor activities.   Click here for more information


Orchesis is a modern dance ensemble for any student interested and/or skilled in technique and creative interpretation. All students are welcome to participate. Orchesis focuses on perfection of performance and technique, as well as fun. Activities include a concert each semester showing what the students have accomplished.   Click here for more information

People's Republic of Art Club

The People's Republic of Art (PRA) is devoted to creating and supporting the arts on and off campus. The PRA is a member of the Metropolitan Museum's College Group, which hosts different events for college students throughout the year. PRA takes trips to local museums and galleries, as well as museums in Washington D.C., to see art shows and exhibits. PRA also participates in campus events during Arts Day, such as steam-roller printmaking, screen printing T-shirts and making glass mosaics.

Political Science Association

The Political Science Association is a bipartisan club that promotes political activism and discussion on campus. The association brings political candidates to campus, holds voter registration drives, works on campaigns, hosts movie screenings, conducts mock elections and hosts election-night returns parties, debate-watching parties and more!

Pre-Veterinary Club

This club is for pre-veterinary students who want to learn more about careers in veterinary medicine and gain valuable experience and support for veterinary medical college. The club focuses on trips to vet schools, lectures and other animal-and medicine-related activities.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club works to promote cultural literacy pertaining to Spain and Latin America. The club is open to all Wilson students, regardless of linguistic ability and/or knowledge. Past activities have included poetry readings, Hispanic Heritage Month festivities, film nights, plays, fiestas, trips and community outreach.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Per NCAA rules, Wilson College sponsors a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), which is comprised of two representatives from each team. The head coach must select two players to represent her or his team. Issues concerning student-athletes will be SAAC’s primary concern. Examples may include, but are not limited to, pending NCAA legislation, academic standards, facilities, ethics and departmental policies, philosophy and procedures. Committee members will be asked to take an active role in submitting agenda items and communicating information with their respective teams. The mission of the Wilson College SAAC is to promote the highest levels of athletic competition and represent the needs of all student-athletes within the conference. The committee shall abide by all NCAA Division III and NEAC philosophies and legislation. Responsibilities of SAAC representatives include attending monthly SAAC meetings, reporting information from the meetings to their team and solicit feedback, attending monthly Department of Athletics staff meetings, discussing the alcohol and other drug policy with their team, promoting the athletic code among team members and performing other duties as requested by SAAC or athletics director.

VMT Club (Veterinary Medical Technology Club)

The VMT Club promotes the progressive and humane medical care of animals, and is open to all students who have an interest in the health and well-being of animals, great and small.   Click here for more information

Western Team

The Western Riding Team holds tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester. Members of the team practice weekly with their coach to work on equitation, horsemanship patterns and reining patterns. Riders range in skill level from walk/jog to open horsemanship and reining. The team represents Wilson College in Zone 3 Regions 3 and 4 of the IHSA circuit.   Click here for more information

Wilson College Government Association (WCGA)

A student-run organization that is jointly responsible for the rules that govern the college campus. Comprised of elected student representatives, WCGA acts as a liaison between faculty, staff and students in an effort to initiate policy discussion based on any concerns and/or questions that may arise from students in the course of her or his study at Wilson.   Click here for more information

Yearbook (Conococheague)

Wilson is fortunate to have two Conococheagues. One is the stream that runs through campus; the other is the only college yearbook with an unspellable name. The yearbook staff works together each year to produce photography and page layouts for the best possible memories for Wilson students.   Click here for more information

** Indicates a club can be taken for .5 credit