Welcome to Wilson College!

Hello! We hope that you are excited about starting your college career here in a few short months. To prepare for your arrival, there are several things that we need to do over the next few months.

In the beginning of May (or if you deposit later, within a couple weeks of your deposit), you will receive a mailing from our office asking you to complete several online forms before you come to campus in August to begin fall semester. This mailing will contain information about how to complete the forms, what to expect during Orientation, and other things to help you prepare for August.

In addition, you will receive an email asking you to select two possible dates for your summer drive-in orientation as soon as possible. We are limiting each session to 20 participants, so it is particularly important that you give us two options to consider. Summer Orientation is designed for you to complete your academic assessments, meet with an academic advisor, and select your classes for the fall. All new students are required to complete academic assessments before being allowed to register for fall classes. In addition, if you have plans on taking riding lessons while here, you will need to complete a riding assessment.

Remember that orientation is required of all new Traditional Undergraduate College students at Wilson (commuters, residents, Women with Children program and international students). This includes the Summer Drive In day as well as Fall Orientation. Please refer to the email that you have received from the Orientation Office that contains your Summer Drive-In Form. You may mail it back to our office or scan it and email it to orientation@wilson.edu; either option is fine. You will receive an email confirmation regarding the date of your drive-in orientation as well as additional information about your day prior to your arrival.

Our 2015 Summer Drive-In Orientation dates are:

 Drive In #1
 Drive In #2

 Drive In #3

 Drive In #4 

 Drive In # 5


Many of you have questions about fall move-in and Orientation dates. Please plan for the following dates. More information will be provided in the coming months.

 Women With Children (WWC) Move In
Wednesday, August 12
9am - 1pm
 International Student Move In
Thursday, August 13
1pm - 9pm
 Fall Athlete Move In
Sunday, August 16
10am - 12pm
 New Student Move In
Wednesday, August 19
8am - 11am

Please note that each of the early arrival groups (WWC, Internationals, & Athletes) each have orientation schedules for their respective groups that begin at move-in and continue through the start of New Student Orientation on August 20th. New Student Orientation is August 20th - August 23rd please make sure your arrival plans, work schedules, etc. take this into account. Orientation is an important part of your transition to college.