Break Housing and Closing Information

Students are expected to know the hall closing and opening dates listed below and ensure their travels plans work within those parameters. Permission for late stays or early arrivals are only granted in extreme circumstances and may carry an additional fee.

Break Period Housing

Residence Halls are closed during Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks. Students with extenuating circumstances can submit a request to the Director of Residence Life explaining why they need to stay on campus. Requests are evaluated on an individual basis. If you need to stay on campus for any portion of these breaks, please email the Director of Residence Life. Requests are due at minimum 14 days in advance of the break or as indicated in the closing information  sent to all residential students. All students approved to stay during a hall closing break will be required to consolidate into break housing in Rosenkrans Hall. Download the full schedule here.

January Term Housing

Students taking classes during January Term may request January Term Housing. January Term Housing is an additional fee and students are assigned to spaces within the hall(s) designated for January Term Housing (TBA). Students needing January Term Housing must sign up by November 9, 2015 via the online form. January Term housing carries a separate housing fee ($217 for J-Term 2016) which is applied directly to the student's account. There is no meal plan during January Term.  J-Term Housing Request Form

May Closing Information

All academic year housing closes at 10:00am on Monday, May 16, 2016. All residents not approved for Summer I Housing must complete a checkout by 10am on May 16th. Please make sure your travel plans coincide with this deadline. Residents must sign up with an RA for a checkout at least 48 hours in advance of their intended departure time. All personal belongings, including trash, must be removed from the room and public spaces by the time of checkout. Keys must be turned in at the time of checkout. Failure to sign-up 48 hours in advance, missing a checkout appointment, or failure to vacate residence halls by 10am will result in a $50 improper checkout charge. All students are responsible for reading and following the closing instructions outlined in the Closing Letter 2016 which will be posted by April 2016. 

Summer Housing

Summer housing is available to students who are taking summer classes, working on campus, or completing academic related requirements. Housing cost for Summer 2015 is $552 per month; this is added to the student's account. Housing rates for Summer 2016 will be announced as soon as possible. Students needing Summer Term Housing must submit their request by April 20, 2015 via the online form. Summer Housing carries a separate housing fee which is applied directly to the student's account. There is no meal plan during Summer Terms.  Summer Housing Request Form

2016 Summer Housing

Break Housing Offered:

Summer Term I and II

Housing Dates:

5/16/16 - 8/27/16

Sign-up Deadline:

Monday 3/28/16


Summer I: Friday 5/20/16, 9-11 AM

Summer II: Sunday 7/10/16


Summer I only: Saturday 7/2/16

Summer II: AY key pickup Friday 8/12/16, 9-11 AM ; complete by 8/14/16

Housing Location:

South Hall