J-Term Housing Request Form

To request space in January Term housing for January 2015, complete the form below by November 10, 2014. In order to qualify for housing, you must be enrolled in J-Term classes, and/or have on-campus employment and/or an on-campus internship. J-Term housing students, may be required to consolidate to Rosenkrans Hall for the duration of J-Term; please watch for updates and announcements. Students opting to live in January Term Housing for any amount of time will be billed a $210.00 housing fee.

Housing is available on a first-come basis and applications will be processed in the order they are received. All applications are due by Monday, November 10th at noon. Due to limited space, double occupancy will be necessary. You can select a roommate by putting their name on your application in the space provided. If you do not specify a roommate, please fill out the room preferences section at the end of the request form. This information will be used to pair you with other J-Term residents, so be honest and thorough. J-Term students will be notified of their placements by email by Wednesday, December 3rd; this notification will also include instructions related to moving/check-in process.

The rules governing residence halls during J-Term are the same as they are during the academic year. You may consult your Blue Book and the Residence Life website for clarification of those rules. Furthermore, it is the expectation of the College and your peers that you uphold the Honor Principle throughout your time on campus. Any violations may result in fines and/or a referral to Joint/Honor Council. Please be advised that limited activities and services are provided to students during J-Term. The College acknowledges that although Residence Life staffing and programming is minimal during this time, the College reserves the right to terminate housing privileges at any time.

Approved J-Term residents may pick up their key and begin moving into Rosenkrans Hall on Thursday, January 1st from 9am-11am in Lenfest 007. Students arriving at a different time must set-up an alternate check-in time with the Director of Residence Life prior to leaving in December. Students will not be permitted to access their academic year rooms during January Term so you must take anything you need for J-Term with you at hall closing December 13. There will be designated times for J-Term residents to drop off belongings in their J-Term room during final exam week in December. Halls reopen for spring semester Sunday, January 25 at noon. J-Term residents can begin returning to their academic year rooms Friday, January 23; all J-Term Housing checkouts must be completed by Sunday, January 25.

If you have any questions about January term housing or this application, please contact the Director of Residence Life at reslife@wilson.edu or at 717-262-2006 ext. 3125.


Application for January Term Housing

Your Information
Are you enrolled in J-Term classes?
Are you working on campus over J-Term?
Are you required to be on campus during J-Term for athletics?
Do you have any special housing requests?

If so, please explain below and submit documentation to the Director of Residence Life by the November 10th deadline. Requests will be considered on an individual basis.

Intended date & time of check-in:

If you do not have a roommate request above, please complete the following. Please note: WWC students stay in their current rooms and do not have a roommate during J-Term.

Normal Sleep Schedule
Primary Room Use
Preferred Noise Volume in Room
Will you have pets in the room?
Can you live with pets in the room?
Cleanliness level of your room