Packing List

What To Bring To Campus

Every student should bring..

  • Pillow
  • Towels/washcloths 
  • Sheets/blankets (extra long twin) 
  • Comforter/quilt 
  • Clothes and shoes for warm and cold weather
  • Hangers 
  • Toiletries, hair dryer, curling iron, etc.
  • Laundry supplies (please do not use 3-in-1 or dryer bar products)
  • Cleaning supplies (surface wipes, swiffer, paper towels, etc.)
  • Trash Can 
  • Alarm Clock 
  • Surge Protectors (no plug multipliers or power strips)
  • *Riders please bring: Helmet, Long Pants and Solid Shoes/Boots

You may also want to bring...

  • Bicycle & lock (it's the fastest way to get around campus!)
  • Small Fan
  • Desk Lamp
  • Computer and printer (there are computer labs throughout campus)
  • Shower Shoes and Caddy
  • School Supplies, calendar/planner
  • Dry Erase Board
  • Organizational/storage/space-saver containers
  • First Aid Supplies (aspirin/Tylenol, cold/allergy/stomach medication, Band-Aids, etc.) 
  • Cup, plate, utensil set
  • Food, drinks, or snacks for your room
  • Rugs/carpet 
  • Posters/pictures
  • Manual can opener 
  • TV/VCR/DVD (there is one in the public lounge for your hall/floor)
  • Radio/Stereo
  • iPod, mp3 player or other personal music device
  • Headphones (for use with music players, TV, computer, or other electronics devices) - your roommate will thank you!
  • Coffee pot or iron (must be UL approved and have an automatic shut-off feature)
  • Refrigerator/Microfridge - Each student is permitted to bring one refrigerator, no larger than 2.5 cubic feet (max. 2 per room). If students would like a larger refrigerator, each room can have one refrigerator no larger than 4 cubic feet (this would then be the only refrigerator in the room). The microfridge offered for rental through the College-approved vendor ( are the only microwaves/microfridges permitted in student rooms. If a student rents a microfridge, this would be the only refrigerator unit permitted in the room. No other microwaves permitted.
  • Bed risers/loft - Lofts can be rented through No other lofts are permitted. Bed risers can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond or similar stores - they must be manufactured for that purpose alone and have a safety lip. No cinder/cement blocks or other homemade risers permitted. 

If you plan on hanging decorations, please keep in mind...

  • No nailing into walls or other permanent changes to the room are permitted.
  • Sticky tac and 3M Command Strips tend to work best BUT the student is ultimately responsible for any damage caused by hanging decorations.
  • Tape of any kind should never be used to hang decorations as it almost always causes damage.
  • Nothing may be hung from the ceiling or suspended from the lights. No flammable decorations (live Christmas trees, straw, hay, dried leaves, etc.) are permitted. 
  • Always test what you want to hang and please remember that changes in temperature and humidity cause adhesives and clings to react differently over time. Any damage to the room is the student's responsibility.


If you plan on bringing a pet, please keep in mind...

  • The following small caged and aquarium animals are the only animals allowed in the residence halls:  hamsters, mice, rats, gerbils, chinchillas, guinea pigs, fish, and small non-poisonous reptiles and amphibians.
  • Permitted animals must be able to live humanely in a cage no larger than 2'x2'x2' and no larger than 10 gallon tank (aquarium or terrarium). Students are only permitted one tank and one cage at any time. Maximum 2 mammals per student.
  • Pets that are not allowed include dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, rabbits, arachnids, domesticated farm animals, any animal that is illegal as a domestic pet in the state of Pennsylvania, and any animal not explicitly listed as an allowed animal above. Bringing in an animal that is not allowed will result in automatic loss of pet privileges, substantial fine, and possible Honor Council referral. This includes visitor’s pets, VMC animals, etc.
  • Pet owners are expected to familiarize themselves with and abide by all aspects of the Pet Policy.


Please do NOT bring to campus...

  • Candles, incense, or any item with an open flame
  • Triple/quad sockets, plug multipliers, power strips
  • Plug-in air fresheners or oil warmers
  • Items with exposed heater coil/element such as toasters or hot plates
  • Hot pots, oil popcorn poppers, toaster oven, bread machines, microwave (unless student has rented a microfridge from a college approved vendor)
  • Heaters or air conditioning units of any type
  • Otherwise acceptable small appliances such as coffeepots or irons that are not UL approved or do not have an auto-shutoff feature
  • Halogen lamps 
  • Appliances over 110 volts or 600 watts
  • Refrigerators over stated limits
  • networks devices (i.e. routers of any kind, wireless access points, etc.)


Please keep in mind that, in most cases, you are condensing into a smaller space than you have at home - and you're sharing it with a roommate! So talk to your roommate before move-in. Come up with a game plan of what can be shared (& the rules for sharing!). Think minimal but cozy, functional yet fun - express your personality without taking over the entire room! If you are unsure of what to bring or love something but not sure if there will be room for it, keep in mind there are a lot of stores in the area. Target, Kohl's, Staples, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, JC Penny's, and many more national (and local!) favorites are within 5-15 minutes of campus.