Residence Life Policies

Public Space Expectations
  • Each resident is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and putting away personal belongings every night so that housekeeping can clean properly and the space is usable for other residents.
  • No personal belongings should ever be stored in public lounges, bathrooms, or computer rooms.
  • Personal items kept in public kitchen or laundry space is at the resident's own risk. All items must be kept clean and orderly and stored properly within provided cabinetry or shelving.
  • No additional furniture may be added to public spaces without prior approval from the ResLife Director. Individual room furniture must remain in assigned room - there is no storage for College furniture at any time.
  • All College-issued furniture and equipment must remain in its original space. If you move furniture within the space, put it back before leaving the space.
  • The community shares responsibility for the College-provided equipment in public spaces. Misuse may result in community fines and/or loss of the space.
  • Windows should be kept closed when the A/C or heat is running.
  • No food or drink permitted at any time in the computer room.
  • The computer room equipment and furniture is meant for students. Academic work takes precedence over personal work.
  • Bikes can be kept in own room or outside on bike racks. No bikes permitted in any other indoor spaces.
  • Hallways must be kept clear and fire doors closed at all times.