Residence Life Policies

Students are expected to:

  • Keep room in a clean, orderly state so that it does not present a sanitation, health, and life safety or egress issue.
  • Wash, dry and put away dishes immediately after eating. Do not wash dishes in bathroom sinks or tubs.
  • Wipe off stove, counter, exhaust hood, microwave(s), and table(s) while washing dishes. Keep burner plates cleaned.
  • Discard expired food from fridge and freezer on a regular basis. Wipe up spills and crumbs in fridge.
  • Keep all food in air tight sealed containers.
  • Clean up anything dropped or spilled on the floor, counters, furniture, etc..
  • Do not put liquids or heavy materials in trash cans.
  • Do not overfill trash cans. If a can is full – pull it out, tie it shut and replace bag with one from bottom of can. Use other less full cans (each community has 2-3 cans). Housekeeper will get in the morning.
  • Take unwanted large bulky items to dumpster when it is available on campus.
  • When cleaning pet cages, all solid debris and bedding goes in trash can. Once clear of debris the cage can be washed in slop sink. DO NOT use bathroom or kitchen sinks or tubs/showers.
  • When recycling, rinse container and remove lids. No liquids!
  • Keep hallways clear and picked up so floors can be easily cleaned.
  • Empty canister in vacuum after every use. Follow rules for proper use of vacuum.
  • Report repairs immediately to your RA.
  • Clean lint from dryer after each use, pick up dryer sheets from floor, and wipe up detergent spills.
  • NO human or animal waste should EVER go in laundry machines. No horse blankets or pet bedding debris. Always empty pockets before laundering.

 Housekeepers are expected to:

(This schedule is a guide and may change temporarily depending upon staff availability, work load, holidays, etc.)

  • Check, clean and refill supplies in community restrooms daily.
  • Empty trash in kitchens and lounges (including diaper pails - WWC) daily (Mon.-Sat.).
  • Empty recycling as needed.
  • Dust mop or vacuum hallways, lounges, playrooms, computer rooms, kitchen areas twice a week.
  • Wet mop hallways, lounges, kitchen areas weekly.
  • Dust surfaces in public spaces weekly (provided they are cleared of resident belongings). Dusting of walls, stairwells, window casings as needed..
  • Dust mop stairwells weekly.
  • Clean door glass weekly.
  • Wipe off washers and dryers weekly.
  • Wipe surface of stove (if cleared) weekly. Ovens cleaned during breaks as needed.
  • Wet mop stairwells every other week.
  • Wash windows/curtains in community areas periodically as schedule permits.
  • Clean outside of refrigerators as needed. Inside is cleaned during J-Term & summer breaks. WWC fridges are cleaned on as needed basis or when requested during the summer.
  • Clean ovens each semester during J-term and summer breaks.
  • Upon a student’s departure, thoroughly clean room including window washing, room curtains, mattress pad & shower curtain cleaning, wiping down walls & furniture, & waxing of floor if time permits.