Room Selection Info

Room Selection is upon us! If you plan to live on campus during the 2014-2015 academic year, please plan to participate in  Room Selection on Sunday, April 13th in the Science Center Auditorium beginning at 6:00pm .

Please note: Any student intending to return to campus housing for the 2014-2015 academic year must sign a room agreement prior to the end of the spring semester. Students who have not signed a room agreement for the 2014-2015 school year will not be permitted to use summer storage. WWC students who have not signed a room agreement for the 2014-2015 academic year will not be permitted to keep their belongings in their academic year rooms during the summer.

Room Selection Timeline

March 21

  • Make sure your Earned & Enrolled Credits & Anticipated Date of Graduation are correct with the Registrar's Office
  • Make sure your account does not have a Hold (Business Office, Financial Aid, & Judicial)

March 24

  • Theme Corridor Proposals Due
  • ADA Requests & Documentation Due to Vickie Locke (Academic Support Center)
  • Squatting Requests Due

March 27

  • Room Selection Notifications emailed (includes lottery number)

March 30 

  • Room Mixer 8pm Lower Lenfest Commons

March 31 - April 1     

  • Approved ADA requests sign Room Agreements

April 2 - April 4         

  • Approved Squatting requests sign Room Agreements

April 7                       

  • Theme Corridor Offers emailed; acceptances due within 24 hours

April 9  - April 11      

  • Approved Theme Corridors sign Room Agreements

April 13                     

  • Room Selection in Science Center Auditorium (Proxy requests due to by noon)

April 15                     

  • Off-Campus Requests Due

April 14 - April 18    

  • Students with Proxies, WWC & ADP residents sign Room Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Number Draw? How do I get my lottery number?


After Spring Break, Residence Life pulls a roster of all Undergraduate College students that indicates current class standing, credits (earned & currently enrolled), and anticipated graduation date. This roster is divided into "classes" based on earned credits + currently enrolled credits. (Please make sure to finish transferring any credits earned elsewhere by Spring Break!) Numbers are randomly assigned through a computer program by class. Residence Life will notify all Undergraduate College students of their lottery number and Room Selection time via thier Wilson email account.


So how does Room Selection work?


On April 13th, each class will come to the Science Center in numerical order; senior class first, then juniors, then sophomore, etc. Each class will be given a designated start time by which the class must be present. In the order of their lottery numbers within each class, students will sign up for the room of their choice.

Each person has three minutes from the time their number is called to respond and choose a room. If a student fails to respond when their number is called, they forfeit their spot and drop to the end of their class. You must be present to choose a room. If you cannot be present, you must designate in writing to the Director of Residence Life, at least 24 hours in advance, a proxy who will select a room on your behalf. Each student, upon selecting their room, will sign a room agreement for the 2014-2015 academic year.

**Please note that students who have any account hold (administrative, Business Office, Financial Aid, etc.) will not be permitted to select a room. A final holds list will be generated on March 31st. Please make sure your hold is cleared by then.


Can I live anywhere I want on campus?


All residence halls are open to all students however availability of particular rooms will depend upon where you are in the overall numerical line-up. Obviously highly desired spaces on campus will likely be picked first and may not be available to individuals with later numbers.

To be able to offer a wide variety of room types and halls, spaces in Riddle, South, Mac/Dav and Disert will be available during Room Selection in April. Themes and designations will be set by ResCouncil by Spring Break.

Please note that the College reserves the right to consolidate room assignments prior to the start of each semester if the need arises.


Can my friend and I sign up to live together?


Yes! When your number is called you can “pull up” your friend and sign up in the same room together. For Riddle rooms, students can also exercise this option for the connecting room in the suite (the student pulled into the adjoining suite must have junior standing or higher). Please note that if you agree to be pulled into a room, you forfeit the ability to sign up for a room when your number is called.

We are also excited to announce the addition of a Theme Corridor option this year. If you and your friends want to live together within the same block of rooms, you can propose a themed community based on your interests. Academic to social, hobbies to lifestyles to beliefs - the possibilities are endless. The theme could be gaming or artsy, substance-free or quiet, activism or cooking - anything you and your friends are interested in! Theme corridors are a great opportunity to shape your own community!


What are Theme Corridors?


Theme Corridors are groups of 8-14 students who want to live together in a block of rooms based on their interests (academic to social, gaming to artsy, & everything in between). Theme corridors will provide one program based on their theme for their floor/hall community during the academic year. Theme corridors offer a wonderful opportunity to shape your own community!
Applications are available online and are due March 24th. Applications will be reviewed by ResCouncil; if approved, the groups members’ lottery numbers will be averaged and the group will be placed in rank order with other groups. Offers will be made based on the placement preferences indicated in the application; all rooms in grouping must be filled to occupancy. Theme corridor placements are available in all traditional halls following current class restrictions; proportions within a given hall will be limited. Theme corridor placements must be accepted by April 11 or offer will be rescinded.


Do I have to have a roommate?


While we do not have class requirements to be eligible for a single room or a buyout, this year we do need to restrict those options to students with ADA-approved accommodation requests. If you have a specific need for a single that would fall under ADA policy, please make sure to submit that documentation and request to the Academic Support Center by March 24.

We are also permitting those with approved squatting requests to keep their singles or buyouts; although new requests may not be approved. Students with super-senior status are also permitted to request singles (not buyouts). Total numbers of singles and buyouts will be capped to allow room for potential ADA requests from incoming class.

We do encourage all students to have roommate and suitemate plans in mind prior to Room Selection. Any spot that is not filled to occupancy (and was not an approved buyout) is subject random assignment during the course of Room Selection process or at any point after. Please keep in mind, to be pulled up as a suitemate in Riddle, you must have junior standing or higher. There is no class year requirement to be pulled in as a direct roommate in Riddle.

The number of Singles and Doubles as Singles will be capped during Room Selection to make sure there is enough space for all students needing campus housing. If the room type you desire is not available by the time your number is called, you can sign up for a room and then be added to the waitlist for the type of room you'd prefer. Once Room Selection and new student placements are completed, students placed on the waitlist will be offered as remaining space permits.

Please note that the College reserves the right to consolidate room assignments prior to the start of each semester if the need arises.


Can I keep my current room?


Students with two semesters or less remaining have the ability to “squat” their current room for their final year. What does this mean? If you like your current room and want to keep it for your final year, you can make that request and claim (or “squat”) it prior to Room Selection! It's a definite perk of staying on campus your final year!

If you want to squat your room and have no roommate/suitemate preferences:
You just submit the online squatting request form by the deadline; your standing will be verified, then you’ll have your room! Please note that if you squat your room, you forfeit the ability to sign up for a different room during Room Selection.

If you want to buyout your room: submit the online squatting request form by the deadline; your standing will be verified, then you will have your spot in the room. To buyout the other spot in the room, go to Room Selection at your designated time; when your turn comes up, you will be able to buyout at the same rank at which you would normally. Please note that buyouts offered at Room Selection are capped to ensure space for all possible residents.

If you want to squat your room but want to pull up a roommate or a suitemate: submit the online squatting request form by the deadline; your standing will be verified, then you will have your spot in the room. To pull in your roommate/suitemate, go to Room Selection at your designated time; when your turn comes up, you will be able to pull up your desired suitemate/roommate at the same rank at which you would normally.

Submit your request via the online Squatting Request form by March 24. Eligibility for squatting is based upon the Anticipated Date of Graduation and remaining credits needed to graduate as provided by the Registrar. Please make sure you have corrected your information by Spring Break.

**Please note that because ADA requests must be filled prior to approval of squatting requests, we cannot guarantee the ability to squat South 24 or South 34. If those spaces are not necessary to meet ADA needs, then squatting approvals will be granted.


What if I need a specific type of room or housing situation?


If you need a housing accommodation that falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, you will need to submit a Housing Accommodations Request. Accommodations requests are due by March 24th. Supporting documentation may be required if the request is new and/or if the condition necessitating the accommodation is variable year to year. Students with accommodations already approved for the current academic year MUST submit a request to have the accommodation continued for the following academic year. If you do not have your request and any required supporting documentation completed and submitted by March 24th, you will be asked to select a room as you normally would based on your lottery number and be added to a waitlist for an appropriate room. Students with approved accommodations requests will be contacted to set up individual appointments to select their room in order of their lottery number in the Residence Life office. Note that if the student fails to select a room that meets the needs indicated in their accommodation application, they will be required to delay their room selection until Room Selection on April 13th.


What type of rooms are available?


Mac/Dav has both singles and open double rooms. Disert has divided double rooms. South has two room suites with bathrooms (suite holds 2 people total) and singles with bathrooms. Riddle has double rooms with adjoining bathrooms (suite holds 4 people total), double rooms, and single rooms. Students signing up for rooms in Riddle also have the option to pull up another student to be in the adjoining room; however, the student must have junior standing or higher. Some rooms in each hall will be held for the purpose of ADA accommodations for current students, new students, and/or transfer students as appropriate for each hall. Designated areas in the halls may also be restricted by themes as approved by ResCouncil.

Floor plans are available on the ResLife website Residence Halls page. There will also be floor plans available at Room Selection for students to review while they are waiting to sign up for their room. It is highly recommended that you have several different options in mind as far as where you are interested in living.

Floor plans will be viewable during the Roommate Mixer on Sunday, March 30th 8-9pm in Lower Lenfest. Each hall will also host an Open House the last week of March/first week of April so that students can see what the rooms and public spaces are like.


What are the hall designations?


Based on student input since the co-ed decision was announced in January 2013, ResCouncil has tentatively planned the following designations, dependent on total resident numbers:
McElwain 2 (all-female; mixed class)
McElwain 3 (mixed class; mixed gender)
Davison 2 (all-male; mixed class)
Davison 3 (Pet-Free; mixed class; mixed gender)
Disert 2 (upperclass only; mixed gender)
Disert 3 (first-year only; mixed gender)
South (mixed gender)
Riddle (mixed gender)
Disert 1 & Prentis will be Women with Children (WWC); currently limited to female WWC students only.
ADP student will likely be on Rosenkrans 1 or Dav 3 depending on total numbers.

**Mixed gender indicates only that men and women will occupy the same residential floor/hall community; no mixing of genders is permitted within a room or a suite. Each of the mixed areas has access to multiple restrooms; hall communities will be permitted to decide designations if they desire; otherwise designations of restrooms will be determined by ResLife.


What about Rosenkrans or Disert 1?


Unless incoming fall numbers warrants using Rosenkrans again, it will be taken offline until its use becomes necessary. Rosenkrans will continue to be used for break housing and potentially ADP Housing. Disert 1 will revert to WWC housing again. Student in either Rosenkrans or Disert 1 who would normally be eligible to squat their rooms will be offered the opportunity to squat another room on campus based on their original placement at Room Selection last April and the subsequent offers made throughout the academic year. For example: if you were originally on Disert 2 and on the waitlist for South/Riddle and would have a had a chance to actually been offered a room in Riddle if you had not accepted the offer for Dis 1 over the summer then you would be eligible to squat a room in Riddle; if you were originally in a Mac single but got moved to Rosenkrans, you would be eligible to squat your original assignment in Mac. If you are interested in and eligible to squat, make sure to fill out the request online by March 24!


What are the room rates for 2014-2015?


The room rate each student pays depends upon the type of room they select and whether the room is filled to occupancy. The rates for 2014-2015 academic year are as follows:

Double $5,390/year

Single $5,906/year

Double as a Single $6,336/year

Please note that if, for any reason, your room is not filled to occupancy, you will be charged the double as a single rate. A list of students who are in rooms without roommates will be available after room selection is completed. Students without roommates can pair up based on that list. Any student who does not select a roommate from that list by April 28th may be consolidated with another student if the need arises.

**WWC and ADP students can find their housing rates on the webpages for those housing options.


What if the room I want is not available?


Sign up for the best option available to you and then add your name to the wait list. Anyone who would like a different space on campus can add their name to the wait list, specifying what type of space they are wanting. If that space becomes available at any point over the summer or during the 2014-2015 academic year, the Director of Residence Life will contact the wait listed individuals in order with a room offer.


What if I can’t make it to Room Selection?


Make sure to send a “proxy”. If you cannot be present, you must designate, in writing, another student to draw for you. You must send your proxy designation by email to the Director of Residence Life at least 24 hours in advance of Room Selection. Your proxy must be present when your number is called. If you or your proxy are not present or do not respond within three minutes of your number being called, you forfeit your number and drop to the back of your class.


What if I want to move off campus for next year?


Any residential student who wants to live off campus must complete an Off-Campus Housing Request. This form must be completed and submitted to Financial Aid for review before returning to the Director of Residence Life. All requests to live off campus for Fall 2014 are due by April 15th, 2014. Any requests received after this date will not be considered for Fall semester. It is strongly encouraged to submit all requests to live off campus before Room Selection. If you have not received a release to live off campus, you are strongly encouraged to still participate in Room Selection to be sure you have housing for the coming year.

To support Wilson’s commitment to being a residential campus, the grounds for requesting an exception are as follows:

Commuters living with parents or adult relatives within a 50 mile driving distance from campus

Students 21 years of age or older who currently have senior standing as defined by the College Registrar

Students participating in approved academic experiences such as semesters abroad, guest semesters, or U.N. semesters, etc.

Student teachers with special location needs

Married students

Any Off-Campus Housing Request based on medical needs must also go through the ADA accommodations process to ensure that all possible solutions are explored. ADA requests & supporting documentation are due by March 24. Please review and submit a Housing Accommodations Request by March 24 so that your Off-Campus Request can be reviewed fully.


I’m a WWC student - do I need to participate in Room Selection?


No. However all WWC students planning to return for the upcoming fall semester must sign their 2014-2015 room agreement during the week of April 14th - April 18th. Available hours for signing will be posted on the Director of Residence Life office door (007 Lenfest).

Traditionally, WWC students keep the same room from year to year. However, if you would like to switch rooms for the coming year, you can make that request. Please make all room change requests in writing to Sherri Sadowski & Katie Kough by April 11th. Make sure to explain where you would like to move as well as why you are requesting the room change. WWC students requesting a room change will be asked to complete their move by Monday, May 26th.

WWC students that do not sign a 2013-2014 lease by the end of Spring semester 2013 will not be permitted to leave their belongings in their academic year room during the summer.


What housing options are available for male students?


Male students admitted during the 2013-2014 academic year are exempted from the residency requirement. However if they are interested in living on-campus during the 2014-2015 academic year, they should plan on participating in Room Selection on April 13th.
Male ADP students are also eligible to live on campus beginning Fall 2014. ADP student do not participate in Room Selection; if you are interested in housing, please email as soon as you realize you’d like housing so that you can begin the process.


If I know I won’t be on campus fall semester should I still pick a room?


No. Room Selection is only for students who plan to be on campus in the fall. If you will need a room for just spring semester, contact the Director of Residence Life at or 717-262-2006, ext. 3125.

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