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Guest attendance

Given the popularity of this event, attendance is limited to the accepted student and a maximum of two parents or guardians only.

I plan to bring parents or guardians.
Deposited Students

Students who submit an enrollment deposit by 3/13/15, and are able to attend ACCEPTED STUDENT DAY will be invited to campus on Friday, 3/27, and/or Saturday, 3/28, to accomplish: 1. Academic Placement Testing 2. Advising for fall classes. 3. Financial Aid appointments 4. Riding skill evaluations (for students planning to ride during their first semester). **Must also submit riding questionnaire by 3/13/15 for riding evaluation on Friday, 3/27.

Other opportunities will be offered later in the spring and summer to return to campus for these activities, if you are not ready to deposit or cannot accomplish them during this event.

Deposit Submitted by March 13, 2015

In order to make the most of the time a family spends on campus, we have added these components to our ACCEPTED STUDENT event. Being sensitive to costs and time spent away from school and work, we offer three options to accomplish testing and advising for deposited students. The next step is for you to tell us what time you can arrive on campus on Friday to accomplish some or all of the above.

Deposited Student Arrival Choice

We will begin scheduling testing, advising, riding evaluations and financial aid appointments on Monday, 3/15, once the pool of eligible deposited students has been identified by receipt of deposits and riding questionnaires.

Do you plan to pursue Equestrian Studies and/or take a Riding class during your first semester at Wilson College?
Financial Aid Meeting
I would like to arrange a meeting with a Financial Aid staff member during ACCEPTED STUDENT DAY
Special Accommodations

Should the visiting student or one of their guests require special assistance while on campus, please specify below.

I or one of my guests will require special assistance while visiting campus