Squatting Request

Your Information

Any residential student with two semesters or less remaining have the ability to “squat” their current room for their final year. What does this mean? If you like your current room and want to keep it for your final year you will be able to make that request and claim (or “squat”) it prior to Room Selection! We hope that seniors enjoy this perk of staying on campus for their final year. If you want to squat your room and have no roommate/suitemate preferences: You just submit this online squatting request form by March 13th; your standing will be verified, then you’ll have your room!

Anticipated Date of Graduation

Please note that a designated number of rooms will be reserved for ADA purposes and as such some rooms may not be eligible to squat. The College also reserves the right to consolidate room assignments prior to the start of each semester if the need arises.

Roommate/Suitemate Plans

This year, we do need to restrict single and buyout options to students with ADA-approved accommodation requests. If you have a specific need for a single that would fall under ADA policy, please make sure to submit that documentation and request to the Academic Support Center by March 13. However, we are permitting those with approved squatting requests to keep their current singles or buyouts; although new requests may not be approved. Students with super-senior status are also permitted to request singles (not buyouts). Total numbers of singles and buyouts will be capped to allow room for potential ADA requests from incoming class.

Do you want this room to yourself (Single/Double as a Single)?

All squatters requesting to buyout a Double room MUST participate in Room Selection. The squatting request, if approved, only secures your space in the room. In order to claim the other space in the room (and buyout the room as a Double as a Single), you must come to Room Selection and claim the buyout at the time your lottery number is called. Please note that the number of buyouts offered at Room Selection is limited so you may want to have a back-up plans in case a buyout is no longer an option by the time your number is called. Please note that room rates are based on occupancy. If you are in a double room/suite by yourself, regardless of situation, you will be charged the buyout (Double as a Single) rate. Being charged this rate does not imply that the request to buyout has been approved; only that you have not received a roommate yet. Please also note that if you do not pull in a roommate/suitemate, you have no say over who selects the space in Room Selection or who it is offered to in the future. Intentionally discouraging future roommates/suitemates is considered a violation of the Honor Principle and can result in restriction or loss of housing privileges.

If you want to squat your room but want to pull up a roommate or a suitemate: Submit this online squatting request form by March 13th; your standing will be verified, then you will have your spot in the room. To pull in your roommate/suitemate, participate in Room Selection; when your random lottery number comes up, you will be able to pull up your desired suitemate/roommate at the same rank at which you would normally. Keep in mind: the individual you want to pull in as suitemate in Riddle must have junior standing or higher. There is no class year requirement to be pulled in as a direct roommate in Riddle.

Do you have an intended roommate/suitemate in mind?

Please talk to other students and try to make arrangements for a roommate/suitemate prior to Room Selection. You should plan to participate in Room Selection for the purposes of pulling in a roommate/suitemate. Please understand if you are not requesting to buyout the room (or are not eligible) but fail to participate in Room Selection, you have no say over who selects that space during Room Selection.

Is your intended roommate/suitemate also squatting their room?

Please note, if your intended roommate/suitemate is not eligible to squat their room, you should indicate your plans in this form BUT you and your intended roommate/suitemate will still need to participate in room selection. This squatting request, if approved, only claims the space for the individual submitting the form; it does not claim other spaces in the room or suite.