Reach your goals…faster!

Wilson College’s M.A. Humanities and M. Applied Leaderships programs offer a 4+1 option for first-time undergraduates and a 2+2+1 option for undergraduate transfer students. 

These accelerated programs offer all students a challenging course of study, an intensive exploration of the field, and an opportunity to save tuition dollars in pursuit of both the bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Why Pursue an Accelerated Master’s Degree?

Wilson’s accelerated master’s programs allow you to complete the bachelor’s and master’s degree in a shorter amount of time. This will make you more competitive when you enter the job market and give you a leg up on your peers who have only completed a bachelor’s degree. You will have more skills, more knowledge, more experience—and be better prepared to tackle tomorrow’s challenges today. 

Want proof? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that individuals with a Master’s degree have a higher lifetime earning potential and lower rates of unemployment. And while nearly one quarter of Americans have a bachelor’s degree, the percentage of job seekers who have a Master’s is less than ten percent—meaning you will really stand out from the crowd. You can also accelerate advancement in your career field and contribute to research in your field.

Better job prospects, better earning potential, better advancement options, more skills and knowledge—that definitely seems worth one extra year of school! 

For the M.A. Humanities degree, you should choose from one of the following majors Wilson offers:
•    Art and Design, any concentration (General Arts, Graphic Design, or Web Design)
•    English, any concentration (Literary Studies, Creative Writing, or Media Writing)
•    Healthcare and Medical Humanities
•    Liberal Studies
•    Sociology

For the M. Applied Leadership, you should choose from one of the following majors Wilson offers:
•    Accounting
•    Business, any concentration
•    Criminal Justice
•    Exercise and Sports Science
•    Finance
•    Health Sciences
•    Healthcare and Medical Humanities
•    Sociology
•    Sport Management
•    Supply Chain Management 

During your first advising session, you will see an option to participate in the accelerated master’s program on your paperwork. All you need to do is select that you wish to participate and which program you wish to pursue, and you will be connected with an academic advisor who has been specially trained to help guide you through the program. It is really that simple.

You can decide after your first advising session to participate in the program. However, your ability to complete your degrees in the accelerated format will depend on what coursework you have selected. It may also require completing extra coursework during summers or the January-term. To learn if you are eligible, please consult the appropriate Program Director. 

After you have identified yourself as interested in pursuing an accelerated master’s program, your specially selected and trained academic advisor will work with you to prepare for a smooth transition from the undergraduate to the graduate degree.

In your senior year of undergraduate study, you will begin taking graduate classes, one in your fall semester and one in the spring. You will then take two graduate classes that summer before completing your final year of full-time graduate study (three courses per semester). 

Moving into Your Master’s Degree as a Graduate Student

During your final undergrad year at Wilson, students will be granted automatic admission into their graduate program provided you have a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and complete a program admission form. Students who do not have the 3.0 will be required to submit a request for provisional admission.

Wilson College’s M.A. in Humanities degree allows you to focus your studies on areas you feel passionate about. Whether literature or art, philosophy or creative writing, women’s studies or linguistics, the M.A. in Humanities has the flexibility to fit your needs and the depth of learning to not only challenge you, but to help you achieve the next goals in your educational or career path.

Our students enter the program from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are professionals returning to college to pursue graduate study to advance their careers. Others may come into the program directly from their undergraduate work and may see a Ph.D. program in their future. Our students also reflect a wide variety of undergraduate majors—from English to psychology, from economics and business to philosophy and communications, from Spanish to education. Yet despite these differences, the students in the program form a tight-knit, supportive community of learners.

The program combines a wide range of coursework from a variety of different fields, including

Creative Writing
Educational Technology 
Religious Studies
Spanish (in the original language and in English translation)

The MA Humanities programs also offers an internship option, including teaching internships in the college-level classroom for eligible students.

The end result is the opportunity for a very personal graduate education experience. Students pursue their passions and map out their future goals all while working hand-in-hand with faculty mentors who continually demonstrate Wilson College’s traditional hands-on investment in both you and your education.

The accelerated M.A. Humanities program will result in the student completing a Master’s in Humanities with a concentration is one of the following areas:
•    English Language and Literature
•    Arts and Culture

Students may also have the option within the MA Humanities to design their own Master’s degree, naming the concentration and selecting their own courses drawing from graduate-level options from across the campus. (For more on this possibility, please consult the M.A. Humanities Program Director).

For more on the M.A. Humanities program, please visit the website.

Wilson’s online Master’s of Applied Leadership builds tomorrow’s leaders today. Emphasizing problem-solving, communication, and effective change management, program graduates learn to navigate the uncertainty of an ever-changing world as leaders in business, healthcare, communications, organizational management, and a host of other fields.  

The program offers a wide range of courses across disciplines to provide professionals with targeted and flexible skills that develops and strengthens their individual leadership style and to advance their career development goals. The Leadership Project allows all our students to apply what they’ve learned toward a community-service project that they design, implement, and lead. 

Students completing the Master’s in Applied Leadership will be able to
•    find innovative answers to problems and challenges; 
•    deploy effective strategies to facilitate change and manage conflict on an interpersonal, intrapersonal, and organizational level; 
•    communicate openly and broadly to diverse groups of people; 
•    inspire individuals to work together toward a shared vision for a better future. 

Students in the M. Applied Leadership Program can choose from one of the following concentration areas:
•    General Leadership
•    Business Administration
•    Healthcare Administration
•    Sports Leadership

Students also have the option to design their own Master’s in Applied Leadership degree. For this concentration students name their own degree area, select their courses, and design their own learning goals. Through Wilson’s partner programs, we have access to hundreds of courses that may be relevant to your degree and career goals. To learn what classes may benefit you, please contact the Program Director. 

For more on the M. Applied Leadership program, please visit the website.

In their graduate year, students in the program will be eligible to apply for a graduate assistantship at the college. At Wilson, a Graduate Assistant works 15 hours per week during the regular semester on campus. In return, the College remits all tuition for the students in connection with their graduate study completed at Wilson College over the course of the academic Fall and Spring semester, up to five courses.

To learn more about the possibility of graduate assistantships in your field, please consult your Master’s program website. 

Q: Does Wilson require a specific GPA to enter into the accelerated master’s program?
A: You do not need a specific GPA to enter the program, but you will be required to have a 3.0 when you complete your undergraduate degree to enter directly into your graduate program. Otherwise you will have to apply for provisional admission (if the program allows for this), but there is no guarantee you will be accepted into the program.

Q: What if I want to start the program after my first semester at Wilson?
A: You can declare your intent to pursue an accelerated master’s program at any time. However, it may not be possible after your first semester, depending on the classes you have completed and those you have remaining. To determine your eligibility, you should talk to the appropriate graduate program director. 

Q: Can I pursue an accelerated master’s degree with a program not listed here?
A: At this time, the accelerated master’s degrees only work with the Master’s of Humanities and Master’s of Applied Leadership.