Wilson College


Q.  What do I need to submit besides an admissions application?
A.  The following items are required:

° ADP application
° Essay Response
° Official high school or GED transcript
° Official college transcript(s) from all colleges attended, if applicable

All transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to Wilson College. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted for an admission decision, but may be submitted for a preliminary transfer evaluation.

Once an admission application file is complete, the applicant will receive a decision within ten days. The Director of ADP Admissions may request additional information before rendering a decision.

We realize that some adult students have been out of school for many years. Adult students often times are more motivated to do well in college than they were in high school. Our Admission staff will meet with prospective students to review their academic record, activities and employment since high school, and discuss career goals.


Q.  Will my credits transfer to Wilson?
A.  Yes, if earned at an accredited institution.

Transfer students receive credit for courses equivalent to Wilson courses. Credit for other liberal arts or major courses will be determined by the Registrar. Technical, vocational and career development courses will not transfer. Previous academic work must be completed with a grade of C or better. Wilson accepts credits from schools accredited by the Regional Association of Colleges and Schools.


Q.   How many credits transfer to Wilson?
A.  Students may transfer in up to 72 semester hours toward a Baccalaureate Degree. A maximum of 30 semester hours can be applied toward an Associate Degree.


Q.  How long will it take me to complete my degree?
A.  It depends on major, transfer credits, attending full or part time and degree sought.

A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for a Baccalaureate Degree and 60 semester hours for an Associate Degree. Since transfer credits can be counted towards a degree, the number of courses remaining varies from student to student. The Adult Degree Program Director as part of the admissions process can provide a preliminary transcript evaluation and plan of study.

Students attending full time may complete a Baccalaureate Degree in four years. Those attending part time, year-round could finish within 5-6 years, sometimes longer due to course rotations. Students may attend Wilson College year round, part time or full time, day, evening or online. There is no time limit requirement for degree completion. Wilson acknowledges that adults have busy lives and many responsibilities.


Q.  Am I able to Study Abroad or participate in any other special program through Wilson?
A.  Yes! Study abroad programs are becoming increasingly popular for our students. The study abroad programs are coordinated through the Office of International Scholar Services, who work closely with students who want a global experience. Some Wilson faculty take groups of students to other countries for classes and exchange activities.

Wilson College has partnership exchange programs with Ewha and Seoul Women's Universities in Korea; Effat College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the Business Education Initiative (BEI) with colleges in Northern Ireland.

Wilson students may also participate in the Washington Semester consortium program which includes an internship and coursework in Washington DC. Students have special housing and are eligible for scholarships for this program.


Q.   Will I be able to obtain an internship as part of my program?
A.  Yes, if an internship is required.

Many majors require students to complete an internship program such as Veterinary Medical Technology or Education. Students have been able to take internships in zoos, at the National Cancer Institute, for Dupont, for the Literacy Council, with international business consultants and as journalists for newspapers. The Director of Career Development works with students who want internships as well as those seeking employment.


Q.  How well do adult students perform in class with traditional aged students?
A.  Very well!
It is very common for adult students to be anxious about being in a classroom with younger traditional students. Students right out of high school have the advantage of recent classroom experience and adult students have the advantage of experience that often is valuable in relating to the course.

After the first exam and the first paper, adult students find that they can do very well in the classroom. For students who do have some difficulties, the Academic Support Center has tutors for most courses. Adult students will quickly discover that Wilson faculty and staff are supportive to their circumstances.


Q.  Do I have to attend full time or part time?

A.  It is your choice.

Students may take as many or as few courses as can fit within their schedule. Students who want to receive financial aid must take at least 6 semester hours per semester.


Q.  Can I start an Associate’s degree and then change to a Bachelor’s degree?
A.  Yes!

Sometimes students are unsure if they want to achieve a Bachelor’s degree and start the coursework for an Associate’s degree. Alternatively, their goal is to earn an Associate's degree - and once earned - decide to continue to earn a Bachelor's degree.

Your academic advisor will work with you to develop a plan to help you achieve your goals. Most, if not all, of the courses taken for an Associate’s degree will also apply to a Bachelor’s degree if you remain in the same area of study.


Q.  Will I be the only adult in my classes?
A.  No! You will see many adults in classrooms and on campus due to programs offered in the areas of undergraduate, graduate and the Teacher Intern Program (TIP).

Students taking classes during the evening will have a majority of other adults in the class. Classes during the daytime have mostly traditional aged students as well as several adults.


Q.  Is there any testing required to be admitted to Wilson?
A.  Testing such as the SAT or ACT is not required for admission to Wilson for adult students. After we admit a student, placement testing might be given depending on transfer credits.


Q.  Am I able to complete my degree in the evening?
A.  Yes, if you pursue one of the five majors completed exclusively with evening classes:

° Accounting
° Business
° Communications
° Early Childhood Education
° English

Students may also complete Associate Degrees in Early Childhood Education, Liberal Studies, Management and Accounting entirely in the evening.