•     Megan Potter (President) 
•     Jenna Carty (Vice President) 
•     Rashaan Bean (Secretary) 
•     Silvio Andre (Treasurer) 

The Athletic Association is an all campus organization that encompasses the whole student body. Our organization was created to encourage and incorporate every student into the ‘Phoenix’ experience. Being a student at Wilson College is the only requirement for this ‘club’. As an organization, officers develop events at various athletic events to raise Phoenix spirit. The Athletic Association plays a large role in Sarah Wilson Week as we create and coordinate Banner Stealing campus wide among the classes. The Athletic Association not only promotes the student-athlete experience; we work with students, staff, and administration to put on the annual Athletics Banquet. Most importantly, we ensure the fire of the Phoenix never goes out.

Due to the magnitude of this organization, only officers meet tri-weekly/monthly to plan activities for upcoming Athletic Events. However, we would like to promote campus wide/student-athlete wide surveys to see what students would like to do at sporting events. At our meetings, we discuss innovative activities for student engagement at Home games as well as budgeting for these events.

Club Events:
As an organization, any special ‘spirit’ day at sporting events are usually put-on by the Athletic Association. We also hold the annual Athletics Banquet and coordinate Banner Stealing. All students are welcome to participate in these events as we are a campus wide organization.

Campus Events:
Most, if not all, club events are campus wide that encourage the whole student body to attend.

Every student enrolled here at Wilson College is automatically a member of the Athletic Association. All students have a say to what they would like to see done by the Athletic Association.

Wilson College Athletics