Franklin County Club Snowflake Ball Deadline

Wednesday, January 15

You’re cordially invited to contribute to...The Snowflake Ball!

A scholarship fundraiser sponsored by
the Franklin County Club of Wilson College Scholarship funds support local Wilson College students.


Accepts the invitation from the Franklin County Club of Wilson College to NOT attend the Snowflake ball.

___I will not have to order flowers ($25).
___I will not have to take dance lessons ($50).
___I will not need to have my hair and nails done ($100).
___I will not have to buy a ball gown! ($250).
___I will not have to ____________________ ($________).

Please print, complete and mail this form, make checks payable to the “Franklin County Club of Wilson College” with “Snowflake Ball” in the memo line and return both to:

Franklin County Club of Wilson College
C/o Office of Alumnae/i Relations
Wilson College
1015 Philadelphia Avenue
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Please return your contribution by December 31, 2013 for a year-end tax deduction. The deadline for the Ball “RSVP” is January 15, 2014. On behalf of local students, thank you!

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