What Can I Do with a TEFL degree?

Wilson College’s English degree with a concentration in TEFL is designed to provide students the background and information they will need to travel overseas and work teaching English.

You may find it your life’s vocation to work abroad teaching English, or it may simply be an adventure you undertake for a few years before returning home. Regardless, there are few better ways to immerse yourself in new cultures, explore the world and its amazing peoples, and be a part of new and exciting communities than by teaching English abroad. 

Over a quarter of a million native speakers of English work abroad as teachers. Some have little background in teaching, while others have been well trained through programs like the one at Wilson.

There are many different opportunities to teach English abroad, and students can work in Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Europe. Different countries have different opportunities and different regulations, so if you have a specific country in mind, you will need to explore that country’s requirements for teaching abroad. Many places look for native speakers of English who have a strong command of the language, but specific training like the kind you would receive at Wilson certainly can qualify you for many amazing opportunities.

Want to learn more? Explore the resources below.

Informational Resources

TeachAbroad.com: Directory for teaching positions around the world—educational opportunities, paid and volunteer international teaching positions, searchable by country.
GoOverseas: Lists ELL/ESL teaching jobs, volunteer and internship opportunities, and other resources.
International TEFL Academy: Useful resource page for any student looking to teach abroad. 
TEFL Online: Helpful website with a welath of information