The “certification plus Master of Education or Special Education” is an option for Teacher Intern Program certification students. Teacher Intern Program students have the option to take three or five of their required undergraduate education courses as master’s level courses. After completion of their Teacher Intern Program, students would then only need to take the remaining five or seven Master of Education or Special Education courses to earn the Master of Education or Special Education degree.

Graduate-level courses to be taken as part of TIP certification (applies to M.Ed. only)

EDU 312/512 Teaching English Learners

EDU 339/539 Teaching Mathematics and Computer Use in Elementary Schools

EDU 332/522: Teaching in Secondary Schools

EDU 341/541 Educational Assessment

EDU343/543 Middle Level Teaching Methods

This course, intended for middle level teacher certification candidates, will provide a foundation in proven, research-based teaching strategies. Students will use strategies to develop and teach lessons during the course. They will become knowledgeable with the Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System in order to plan effective lessons. Other topics include classroom management, differentiation, multiple intelligences, assessment, understanding poverty, and literacy skills across the curriculum. Prerequisites: 204, 206 and admission to the education program.

ESS331/531 Teaching Strategies in Health & PE

Graduate-Level courses to be taken as part of TIP dual certification-PK-8 or 7-12 (applies to M.S.E. only)

EDU 312/512 Teaching English Learners

EDU 341/541 Educational Assessment

SPE 346/546 Transitional Plannign & Services

SPE334/534 Secondary Instructional Methods

SPE329/529 Conferencing & Collaboration

This course will prepare students conference and collaborate with colleagues and parents. Students will also learn how to write Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs)/Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs) for students with disabilities. Prerequisites: EDU 215 and SPE 216 or SPE 217.

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Procedures for TIP students

1.   Initial entrance into TIP with current enrollment procedures through the director of Teacher Intern Program.

2.   Enroll in the three or five appropriate 500 level courses (using the TIP/M.Ed/M.S.E. course registration form). This requires the adviser's and Graduate Education Director's signature.

3.   Upon completion of the student’s TIP certification requirements and confirmation of PDE Instructional I certification, the student will apply to the M.Ed./M.S.E. program. The application fee will be waived since student will have paid a TIP application fee.