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Required Courses


ECO 315 Comparative Economic and Political Systems
PCS 101 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
SOC 234 Conflict Resolution

In addition, in consultation with their major advisor and the coordinator of the Peace and Conflict Studies minor, the student will select three additional courses from the following list:

ECO 362 Problems of Developing Countries
ENV 201 Introduction to Environmental Science


ENV 204 Environmental Policy
HIS 219 Americain the 50s and 60s
IS 203 Culture of Southeast Europe
IS 205 Culture and Politics of the Middle East
IS 206 Comparative Contemporary Cultures
PS 221/321 Women in Global Perspective
PS 310 Law and Social Change:Women and Minorities
RLS 207 Private Values and Public Policy
SOC 240/340 Social Movements
SOC 310 Environmental Sustainable Communities

WS 222 Introduction to Feminist Studies

Students may also petition the program coordinator to have relevant topics courses at the 200 or 300 levels counted toward the minor.



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