BIO 101: General Biology I

BIO 102: General Biology II


BIO 110: Contemporary Biology

BUS 124: Introduction to Management

BUS 220: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

EFT 201: Equine-Facilitated Therapeutics I

EFT  202: Equine-Facilitated Therapeutics II

EFT 213: Training the Therapy Horse

EFT 215: Equine Biomechanics and Kinesiology

EFT 331: Teaching I

EFT 332: Teaching II

EQS 110: Introduction to Equine Management

EQS 116: Equine Anatomy and Physiology

EQS 230: Introduction to Training the Horse

EQS 240: Introduction to Teaching Horsemanship

EQTXXX: Minimum of one semester. Must ride to the EQT 204 level.

ESS 145: First Aid and CPR/AED

PSY 110: Introduction to Psychology

A student must graduate with active first aid and CPR/AED certifications. Students who choose to take ESS 145 as a first-year or sophomore student must repeat it during her junior or senior year in order to fulfill graduation requirements. Noncredit first aid and CPR/AED certifications will not be accepted as completion of the major requirement.

Required supplemental courses:

Choose one of the following concentrations:

2 courses at the 200/300 level in Education
2 courses at the 200/300 level in Psychology
2 courses at the 200/300 level in Business