Every Picture Tells A Story: Demographic and Social Changes in the United States as Sources of Anxiety


Changes in the racial and ethnic landscape in the United States, as well as increasing class polarization and challenges to the gendered social order, have left many in the country feeling anxious and uneasy. This talk will present information on several of these changes, and explore interpretations of current transformations to our race, class, and gender structure.




Rock. Water. Air. | R.K. Dickson Exhibition

Opening Reception in both the Bogigian and Cooley Galleries, refreshments in the Bogigian Gallery only

Arts Day 2017

Arts Day at Wilson is an educational, fun-filled day of free events that encourage everyone to appreciate and celebrate interdisciplinary arts, take note of the impact of the arts on our daily lives, and explore the critical and creative nature of the visual and performing arts.

Our hope is that students, as well as members of the greater community, will see more clearly how the arts are bound to all facets of our lives, and recognize the importance of continued study and support for the arts in our society.


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