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Wilson College Arts Day 2018

An exciting, educational, fun-filled day of free events that encourages everyone to appreciate and celebrate interdisciplinary arts on the Wilson College campus. 

All events are free and open to the public.

Voter Registration Drive

Faculty and staff will be holding a campus-wide Voter Registration Drive in both Lenfest Commons and John Stewart Memorial Library's Lenfest Learning Commons. Register and help Rock the Vote!

Socialisation and the 'Culture of Fear'


How we fear is closely linked to ideas about morality and personhood. It is for this reason that the way we socialise young people is of great significance in understanding the culture of fear that prevails in the 21st century. The aim of this talk is to explore their influence of parenting and education on the way that society expresses its fears about the problems of everyday life.






The Rules of Fear in 21st Century Society


The way we fear and what we dread is mediated through social and cultural norms. This talk discusses the distinctive features of the culture of fear at the present time. It explores the symbols and rituals through which modern fear is performed in everyday life. It attempts to answer the question of how fear works in the 21st century.








Dr. Frank Furedi


Anxiety and Power in the United States and China

The roughly concurrent rise to power of Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, as well as the apparently increasing ethnic nationalism around the globe, has been predicated, in part, upon anxieties of racial or ethic difference, social change, and economic inequality. But there is something more: the deliberate social construction of anxiety as a means to the creation of extremely motivated political activists—the less polite term is ‘fanatics’—appears to be increasingly common in political discourse.

All Veterans are NOT Rambo


A popular movie series in the 1980s centered around a veteran named Rambo. In this first movie, Rambo had flashbacks and frequent reminders of his time in war prompting anxiety and violent behavior. Since that time, veterans are occasionally characterized as Rambos creating employment and legal issues for them. But is the characterization correct?


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