•    Anna Bavaro and Carter Marsh ( Presidents)
•    James Parasribu ( Secretary)
•    Daniel Perry ( Treasurer) 

Gamers club was created to allow gamers of all type to share games, play, and relax with one another. Along with being an accepting environment for gamers of any level, beginner or advance.  This club allows bonds to be made between students that continue to show even after club events or activities. Gamers club also is able to bring fun activities to campus and in the pass have joined with others to update systems in the student center for all campus to enjoy. Not only do we strive for fun activities for the club we also strive to get the Wilson community involved. 

Every Friday starting at 4pm. We go over club interests then have a mixed game night were we hangout, play games, or even teach others how to play new games. 

Club Events:
We do Magic tournaments, Console Tournaments, Billiards and Ping Pong Tournaments 

Campus Events:
Same as club events but open to everyone, can include Poker Nights , Smash Brother Tournaments and Fortnight tournaments.