From time to time the Department asks our majors to offer their words to potential students looking to become Wilson success stories like themselves. Here are just a few of their thoughts on a wide variety of subjects…

How did/has your study of equine journalism prepared you for the next phas of your life outside of Wilson?

Wilson has prepared me for the next phase of my life in equine journalism by combining the classes I need to successfully master both areas. Many of the classes overlap and Wilson has provided and taught me the skills I need to thrive. -Georgia Kalmoutis, BA ‘14

C.J. Giacomini ’12 interned for Horse News, a monthly newspaper that covers the Mid-Atlantic region. At the magazine C.J. worked as an editorial assistant and even wrote stories that appeared in the publication.

I had a ton of fun learning about how a newspaper gets put together and all the work that goes into it. I got to edit results, help judge the photo contest, and I even got to write a few articles for the magazine. It was great to see my work in print! This internship was an amazing opportunity to see behind the scenes in publication. For anyone looking to go into the Equine Journalism major interning at a place like Horse News is a great way to see what the major can do in action and to see different aspects of the sport, since papers like Horse News cover everything from hunters and show jumpers to racing and steeplechase. It’s a great place to learn new skills and put to use what you are learning at Wilson.

–C. J. Giacomini, BA ‘12

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