Recent honors courses have included…

COM 270/370 Honors US Advertising Culture
ENG 270 Honors Women Writers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
ENV 270/370 Honors Energy Policy
FA 170 Honors Studies in World Art
FA 217 Honors Ceramics I
FA 231 Honors The Age of Michelangelo
FA 237 Honors American and 20th Century Art
GS 210 Honors Explorations of Global Cultures
IS 206 Honors Contemporary Comparative Cultures
PHI 222 Honors Logic
PHI 240 Honors Feminist Philosophy
PHY 170 Honors Astronomy
PS/HIS 318 Honors Constitutional Law in Historical Perspective
RLS 270 Honors Judaism
RLS 270 Honors Immigration Debate
RLS 238/338 Honors Comparative Religious Ethics
SOC 270 Honors Consumerism in a Global Society
SPN 270 Honors The Modern Long Poem
SPN 324 Honors Hispanic Women Writers
WS 225 Honors Women in Science