The Kittochtinny Players (KP) are the Dramatics Society of Wilson College. Founded in 1930 (though Wilson College had a Dramatics Society before that,) the KP is mostly known for their annual spring production. KP affords students not only the opportunity to act, but also to design costumes, sets and scenery, lighting, and even to direct and write their own plays for production!

•    President - Nicole Downey
•     Vice President - Allison Panek
•     Secretary - Marissa Rankin
•     Treasurer - Olivia Shirk 

Try to meet at least once a week during the fall semester. For the spring, we meet about 4 times a week for rehearsals for the play. 

Club events
Lip-Sync Battle
Talent Show
Spring production

Campus wide events
Spring Fling

Any Student, Faculty, or Staff

Drama club does not necessarily mean acting. If you really enjoy being apart of a stage performance but do not like to act, that is when stage crew comes in.