Voyager Sopris Learning and Wilson College are partnering to offer LETRS for graduate credit. Four graduate-level sections are offered, each for three credits. Two of the four courses can be transferred to the Master of Education program.

LETRS is flexible literacy professional development for teachers that shows teachers how language, reading, and writing are related to one another and other critical elements that are most effective in improving overall reading outcomes. With embedded video, online assignments, accessible language, and interactive exercises, this new version of LETRS helps educators build a masterful understanding of the science behind reading.

Teachers, not programs, teach students how to read. Champion change in your district with LETRS Professional Development.

Teachers matter more to student success than any other aspect of schooling. They, not programs, teach students how to read. Yet a study of most teaching institutions found only 29 percent actually prepare teachers with all five essential components of literacy instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.*
*National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), 2013

Now is the time to bridge professional development for teachers to in-classroom success with this blended literacy and language course of study backed by more than 30 years of evidence-based scientific research, and more than a decade of proven success. LETRS is online and flexible, and addresses the structures of English language, the cognitive processes of learning to read, and the teaching practices proven to be most effective in preventing and remediating reading difficulties, including dyslexia. No other literacy teacher professional development is as comprehensive or successful in addressing the five essential components of effective reading instruction, plus writing, with a focus on translating research to classroom application.


  • Provides a robust online learning experience.
  • Integrates assessment considerations and tools for each topic.
  • Guides teachers through classroom curriculum development.
  • Includes engaging videos that show teachers demonstrating effective instruction.
  • Aligns to International Dyslexia Association's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.
  • Provides excellent preparation for the Structured Literacy Teacher Certification of IDA and the CERI Exam.
  • Literacy development for English learners.
  • Curriculum development of classroom and small-group instruction.
  • Updated information about the brain and learning to read.