Minor in Music


The minor is intended for the student who is interested in combining music appreciation with music theory, history of music, and applied music. Courses in music theory enhance analytical skills and knowledge of the structure of musical composition. Music history courses deepen understanding of the influence of music in both shaping and reflecting the societies and cultures of the period in which the music was created. Applied music (performance) provides an outlet for the student to express her/himself creatively while also acquiring the discipline that is necessary to perform competently. Music appreciation provides a lifelong skill that can enhance the student’s quality of life.

The Cumberland Valley School of Music (CVSM) is a resource located on the Wilson College campus. The CVSM is accredited by the National Guild of Community Schools of Arts. Approximately 55 faculty offer applied music lessons open to Wilson College students for a half course credit. Wilson College also has its own choral ensemble that performs at college and community events. Course credit is available for participation in the choir as a class.


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